Windows XP Product Key [100% Working]

Are you in search of the right Windows XP product key to install Windows XP? It’s a must for installing Windows XP. This process involves several steps that start from obtaining the key to the product, and then the activation of Windows XP. Before you can understand all of these steps, it’s essential to know the basics of Windows XP that is a popular operating system that is used in limited and also at the higher levels.

Understanding Windows XP

In 2001, the operating system was a hit within a short period of time. Everyone was impressed by the features and applauded the versatility of the Operating System. From the very first day of the launch, until this day, the popularity graph has continued to grow. While Microsoft 2011 is no longer supported by the OS, some users choose to use Windows XP more than the other operating systems for sale. The issue of updates remains, but the fame and satisfaction are unmatched. For those who use XP that want to do some kind update, the possibility of making use of Serial XP product key is available. Serial XP product key is in place to obtain the latest updates they need and be happy working the OS. If you have the choice of Serial XP on their system, then there’s no reason to be concerned.

Who requires an access code for a product?

There are two license agreements with respect to Windows XP. Two variations of these agreements are available.

The VOL, also known as Volume Licensing is the term used to describe Organization

VLK Key or Volume Licensing Key

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If you’re using the first, there is no requirement for the product key. The version of Windows is able to be installed without the key. The other is a sign that users have access to the retail version that comes with this Operating System. In this case it is crucial to have a valid key to install the Operating System.

Locating Window XP product key

If the user purchased an original copy of Windows XP CD/DVD, the serial key is included on the disc. If there’s no serial key or the origin of installation isn’t the original, it could be difficult to locate the key to the product.

Microsoft is renowned for its use of multiple encryptions. It can be a challenge discovering the key to the product by hand. Therefore, users need to research other options to accomplish this. Two popular options to consider are:

Utilize a key finder tool to fix the problem. Utilize the stock keys to download a new copy Windows. Utilizing the key finder that is downloaded onto your system, you can install it with the Windows XP program. When the user is running the program, he will be able to find that serial number using the search option. Note on the screen the serial numbers you see within the application.

If the extraction procedure is not able to locate the right product key the user may seek assistance from the fake software designed for computers. It is recommended to use this as an effective method of settling the issue. The process isn’t too complicated and can be done even by novices. All the user needs to do is locate the key that is needed from the list available, and then copy it prior to finishing the installation.

List of working Windows XP Product Key

Windows XP Product Keys Free







The Working List Windows XP Product Keys & Serial Numbers 64 and 32 Bit







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Windows XP Professional Product Keys for 32-bit edition


















Windows XP Professional Product Keys for the [64-bit Edition[64-bit Edition]


















What Bit type is needed to run Windows XP?

For some users, it is difficult to determine which choice is the most essential requirement to run Windows XP. The developers have created it for both bits that are 32 bits or 64 bits. The selection is based on the type of processor that is 32 bits or 64 bits. The operating system chosen in accordance with the processor’s specifications. For tasks that are heavy it is recommended since the 64-bit version provides better performance and greater memory.

If you want to select the most effective option, you can do it with the following steps:

Find the option for system on the menu bar that is accessible by pressing the Start button by right-clicking.

Right-click to open the properties on the computer.

When you click on the System tab The list of Windows versions that are related to Windows is displayed on the screen of your computer. When considering the processor, choose which one you prefer from the list of available versions.

How do I use the various product key codes?

Users can benefit from the various options offered by Windows XP Home and professional key products. To make use of the best Windows XP product key the following steps should be followed.

Select the Properties option after clicking to Start after which you can choose Computer.

Select the activation window option. After selecting this option, users have the opportunity to change his or her Windows XP Professional product key. Just click on it and then type in the product key required.

The activation process is completed after waiting to finish for a certain amount of time.

All of these are real alternatives. Making the computer up-to-date through this method will keep your computer up-to-date and stop it from becoming damaged.

Replacing and Altering Windows XP Product Key

It’s not a difficult task to replace the key once it has been installed on the system. This process is as follows:

Click Start, then run on Windows XP.

Once the dialogue box appears, enter Regedit to continue.

It will lead the user to the option for editing the registry from which he will be able to access the path H , permitting him to view the value.

Make the changes required and then confirm the change with the OK command.

Type %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe/a, after opening the Run option from the Start menu.

Select Yes to confirm the choice to activate Windows. Make changes to the Product Key and then follow by shutting down the PC.

The Product key cannot be activated without the use of a key

In the event that your key for product isn’t right, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Take a few steps to be aware of the issues.

You can access the run dialog box by clicking on the start button.

After you type Regedit, the registry will ask you to expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key.

Explore the Software, followed by connecting to Microsoft and Windows NT. The OOBET timer on the right panel appears after you have opened WPAEvents.

The value is able to be changed immediately after double-clicking on the OOBET value.

Make the necessary changes.

Click on the permissions button when you have right-clicked upon WPA events.

The permission window directs users directly to the System Tab. Do not go through the entire control, and then click OK to proceed to the next step, and which is to restart.

1. Click the Start button.

2. Right-click on the Computer and then go to Properties

3. In the last column you will see a button that says Windows Activation

4. There’s an option to alter your Windows XP Professional Product Key

5. Click here to enter your “Windows product Key”

6. The wizard will finish the activation process.

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