What Is Sws Meaning?

The Social Weather Stations or SWS is a social research organization located in the Philippines was established in the month of August 1985. It is a non-stock, private and non-profit institution. It is the most prestigious public-opinion-polling body located in the Philippines. As an independent entity officially became registered on the 8th of August, 1985.


SWS refers to the German abbreviation used for “semester hour” and indicates the amount of 45-minute sessions which a course will have each week during the lecture portion of one semester.

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What Is Sws Mean?

SWS can be an abbreviation that could have various meanings based on the context where it is employed.

The Sleep Wake Schedule SWS refers to Slow-Wave it is a phase of sleep that is characterized by a deep, peaceful sleep. It’s sometimes referred to as non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, and it is the phase of sleep that our body repair itself, and builds up memories.

Severe Weather Statement In meteorology SWS is the acronym for Severe Weather Statement which is a notice given through the National Weather Service (NWS) when tornadoes, storms or any other severe weather is predicted within a particular area.

Surface Water Supply: SWS is an abbreviation that means Surface Water Supply which refers to water that is derived from lakes, rivers reservoirs, lakes and other bodies of surface waters.

Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles: SWS is an abbreviation that stands for Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR) an organization for non-profits that is dedicated to encouraging research in science and preservation of amphibians and reptiles.

The Service Work Sheet: SWS is an abbreviation of service Work Sheet, which refers to a document that describes the tasks that must be completed in order to maintain or repair an item of machinery or other facility.

Sorting WorkStation: SWS is an abbreviation that stands for Sorting WorkStation that refers to an area of the distribution center or warehouse where the items are separated and packed for shipping.

In short, SWS is an acronym which can mean a variety of things dependent on the context that it is employed in like Sleep-Wake Scheduling Severe Weather Statement Surface Water Supply, Society for the Study of Amphibians and reptiles Service Work Sheet, and Sorting WorkStation.


What Does Sws Stand For?

slow-wave sleep. Children seem to are more prone to sleep than adults in that up until 12 years of age the children experience more SWS. (SWS). This is a non-rapid-eye movements (REM) period of restorative sleep, which is crucial in the process of forming and storing memories.

What Does Sws Mean In School?

Semester hour

SWS can be described as the German abbreviation of “semester hour” and indicates the amount of 45-minute sessions which a course will have each week during the lecture portion of the semester.

What Is The Meaning Of Sw In Chat?

“Sarcasm Warning” is a popular definition of SW for Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What Is Sws Business?

SWS Group, Inc. through its subsidiaries provides a wide range of financial and investment-related services. The services offered by the company comprise corporate finance fixed-income trading , underwriting private client group research and equity trading, as well as public finance, sales to institutions as well as securities clearing.

What Is Sws Meaning?

SWS Social Weather Stations
SWS Sleeping with Sirens (band)
SWS Sentient World Simulation
SWS Slow Wave Sleep

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