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About Vijay Devarakonda

Vijay Devarakonda aka Devarakonda Vijay Sai comes from the Telugu brahmin clan. On May 9 1989 Vijay Deverakonda was born in Achampet, Telangana. He is an acclaimed actor as well as a producer.Vijay Deverakonda is always prominent for his personal life as well as his professional. As he continues to make new steps in his career as an actor, the gossip about his romantic relationship also does not stop.

For a long time reports regarding Vijay having a romantic relationship Rashmika Mandanna were making rounds, but neither of them has made any comments on it. Thus the fans are always keen to know the status of their Vijay’s relationship.

Aside from that the fact that he sings and a songwriter. He finished his 10th grade at the Puttaparthi’s Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. He also completed his final two years in Hyderabad’s Little Flower Junior College. He continued on to Badruka College of Commerce and Arts to complete the Master of Commerce with Honors.

Vijay’s Family Members

Vijay Deverakonda was born to Brahmins from Telugu situated in Telangana (formerly Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh). Her mother, named Devarakonda Madras is a housewife and her father Devarakonda Govardhan Rao, was a director of television shows and commercial films. Anand Deverakonda, his younger brother is also an actor.

Vijay Deverakonda’s Professional Career

Vijay started his acting career in the romcom Nuvvila (2011) produced by Ravi Babu. In the following years, he acted in minor roles and even supporting roles up to 2016 and he made his first break in a film called Pelli Choopulu, which was under supervision of Tharun Bhascker.

He then played “Rishi,” a supporting character as a supporting character, in Yevade Subramanyam in 2015. The year-long Nandi award to Special Jury Award – Telugu was presented to him in recognition of the film. He earned a name for his acting skills in the year 2016 following his role in the box office hit Pelli Choopulu.

In 2017, Vijay appeared in and as Arjun Reddy, a film directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. The film was an extremely popular film for Vijay. The film was inspired by a person who is a highly functioning alcoholic surgeon suffering from anger management issues. Vijay became a cult character due to Arjun Reddy who has a huge following. Following the massive success of the film Bollywood created an adaptation of Arjun Reddy. The film was titled Kabir Singh, in which Shahid Kapoor was cast.

With a record-breaking 130 crore global box-office haul and a record-breaking 2018 blockbuster, Geetha Govindam has set the bar for the Telugu film industry. Geetha Govindam is not just an actor, but also a singer , who has sang the song”What The F. He has performed in several films which include “Life Is Beautiful” (2012), “Pelli Choopulu” (2016), “Arjun Reddy” (2017), “Geetha Govindam” (2018), “Taxiwaala” (2018), “Dear Comrade” (2019) and “World Famous Lover” (2020).

In this article today, we’ll discuss Vijay Devarkonda Girlfriend. Let’s get started…

Vijay Devarakonda Talks About his Ideal Girlfriend

When he was talking about his girlfriend, he mentioned that she must be nice and funny, as well as a great person to spend time with. He also said that he wants his girlfriend to relax out since if they are locked down and he is frustrated, he should not get angry with her. Instead, he should be able to enjoy the lockdown just like an event on a holiday.

When asked about his plans for marriage and the possibility of having children, he believes there’s still time and must be more mature in his thinking about the marriage and to be responsible. Vijay has also said that if he’s engaged but he’ll remain private and discuss it with only his friends and family. Because he doesn’t want to allow his life to be a source of an entertainment.

Vijay Deverakonda Foreign Girlfriend Virginie

Vijay has always tried that he has kept his love life from the media and TV. But, according to certain sources reports, it appears that Vijay was involved in a romantic relationship with an Belgian girl called Virginie.

Everyone in the family of Vijay have had the pleasure of meeting Virginie and are very near to her. After a series of photos of kissing Virginie together with Vijay were posted in the Virginie’s Instagram account, the media was focussed on Vijay Deverakonda’s romance. Virginie is also known for an appearance alongside Vijay as part of Pelli Choopulu (2016).

Vijay Devarkonda Girlfriend Rashmika Mandanna

Based on the most recent news about Vijay Deverkonda’s girlfriend and the actress, Vijay fandom media has revealed that Vijay is a part of the Geeta Govindham woman, Rashmika Mandanna. The on-screen romance between the two they have led to speculation, but Vijay has completely denied the rumors. He further stated that they’re just good friends and co-actors. Rashmika is also a well-known actress who is mostly featured as a character in Telugu as well as Kannada films.

Vijay Devarakonda and his Rumored Girlfriend Rashmika Mandanna

Some romances in the glamorous world get the attention of everyone because of their on-screen romance. Vijay Devarkonda Girlfriend, One such story of a relationship is making well on social media due to of the rumors about a relationship between the handsome actor Vijay Devarkaonda and Rashmika Mandanna. Because both appeared on screen together in amazing films such as Dear Comrade and Geeta Govindam, speculations are being suggested the idea that Rashmika could be Vijay Devarakonda girlfriend, but no one has confirmed the claim.

On September 24, 20th, Rasmika uploaded a sweet photo with Vijay’s mother to celebrate her birthday. She captioned the photo”Happy birthday sweet devarakonda”, with an emoji of a red heart. On March 24, 2021 Vijay along with Rashmika were photographed after their meal. Vijay had on a blue tshirt and shorts, and Rashmika was dressed in a pink hoodie. Rashmika was holding a bouquet of flowers. Both were wearing identical masks and were smiling happily.

How Vijay Devarakonda Met Rashmika Mandanna?

In an interview with International Business Times, Rashmika was revealing her belief that Vijay was the person who helped her. Vijay helped Rashmika to come back from the breakup she had with her Ex-boyfriend Rakshit Shetty. She shared that when I was healing after my split, I met Vijay Devarakonda. He was able to help me find my feelings and helped me feel more positive. He made me feel comfortable and listened to me and helped me realize that the future is waiting for me to embrace it.

Vijay Devarakonda’s Net Worth

According to sources in the media the estimated net value of Vijay’s Devarakonda is about $. 55 crores. His monthly earnings are roughly the amount of Rs. 1 crore, and approximately Rs. 15 crores per year.

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