Try These 6 Fun Indoor Activities In This Scorching Heat

Summers are here, and despite all the excitement comes the difficulty of beating this heat. While summers look unrealistically pleasing in movies with people wearing their favorite sunglasses, lying on a beach, that’s not the case. Summers are usually the most boring months because we all get locked inside our homes to escape the burning sun. The scorching heat makes us sluggish, and we hop from one sofa to another, doing absolutely nothing.

But it is up to us to find blessings in disguise during these summers. You can turn your mundane summer break afternoon into something exciting while staying in the comfort of your home. We know you don’t want to leave your heavenly comfort of air conditioners, so here are some fun ways to bring life to your lifeless summer vacations.

Fun Indoor Activities

Some fun indoor activities to try this summer are-

1. Make Cool Popsicles With Your Loved Ones

If you plan to spend some quality time with your kids and significant other while doing something ‘cool,’ you can try making popsicles at your home. It is a fun activity, and you also get something to eat at the end to beat the heat. Another benefit is that you can easily involve your little ones in this as it does not involve any risky equipment like cooking gas.

All you need is a popsicle mold, some fresh fruits of your choice, a dash of lemon, and some sugar water. Cut your favorite fruits into tiny pieces and place them in a bowl. Place all the ingredients on your dining table, and ask your family to try their hands on it. Ask every person to make their flavored popsicle. You can make it more exciting by adding a few drops of food color. Then freeze them for an hour, and enjoy your hand-crafted fruity-flavored popsicles.

2. Enjoy CBD Gummies With A Twist

CBD gummies are an exciting way to light up your summer. CBD might help lighten your mood and ease your frustration while offering various potential health benefits. If you are too tired to do anything, then you might want to grab your pack of CBD gummies and have some.

You can make it even more exciting and include other people also, then take a dice and paint it with different colors on each side. Pour colorful CBD gummy bears into a bowl, roll the dice, find a gummy bear of that color and have it. You can also play another game where you blindfold a person, give them a CBD gummy or THC gummies, and ask them to guess its flavor, shape, and color. If they think it right, then great, and if they don’t, it’s time for a funny punishment! But, make sure you don’t overeat these gummies while indulging in this activity.

3. Indoor Pool Party For Kids

Summers are all about being a water baby and lying in the swimming pool the whole day. But taking your little ones to swimming pools can make them prone to the scorching heatwave. So, the best way to give them a much-needed ‘water break’ is to organize an indoor pool party.

Grab a pool, inflate it with an air pump, and place it on your balcony if it’s evening. You can also set the pool in your living room, where you can enjoy the pool experience with the comfort of your air conditioner. Fill it with water, throw some rubber toys to enhance the thrill, and a pool party is about to begin! You can also try to give them floating food in the pool to give them an even better experience. If you want to take your pool party to the next level, then organize it into an empty room and get ready with your water guns to splash each other with cool water. You can also try the ice bucket challenge to make your inside pool party even more exciting.

4. Bake With Your Significant Other

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Baking is excellent if one wants to spend quality time with a significant other while doing some fun activity. All you need is to collect the ingredients for your favorite dessert recipe. You can order all the constituents online or use pre mixes available for different recipes.

Baking is a kind of therapy, while the aroma of chocolates relaxes your mind. It is a great activity to indulge as a team and have some deep conversations. Grab your freshly prepared dessert, start your favorite show on Netflix, keep the lights dim, and you are good to go with your lovely Sunday date in your room. You can also add beautiful flowers and candles to your room to make your date more exciting.

5. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

We all miss the thrilling experience of an amusement park, but the high temperature doesn’t allow us to visit our favorite amusement park. What if you can create your own thrilling experience inside your homes? Creating a scavenger hunt inside your home is an exciting experience. People of all ages can enjoy an indoor scavenger hunt.

Even getting things ready for a scavenger hunt is an activity in itself. You can make scavenger hunts as challenging as you want. You can also add different themes to different rooms of your home to make it more thrilling. This scavenger hunt can be a brainstorming yet enjoyable experience for your entire family. You can also dress in costumes as per your theme to make the whole activity more realistic. Your little ones are going to love this mystical experience. So, get ready with all the clues and hints. It will help you enjoy this thrilling experience without stepping out from the comfort of your home.

6. Slime Making Activity

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Slime making is an easy yet satisfying indoor activity. Try different craft activities like slime making, tie, and dye if you want something to satisfy your creative side. You can order a slime-making DIY kit from any art and craft website. You also get an instruction manual with the same. You can also involve your little kids in this experience full of colors. Ask them to form different shapes and numbers with slime. You can add colorful balls and sparkles to make your slime-making experience even more satisfying.


The heat outside can suck the stamina out of you, making it essential to stay hydrated and avoid the scorching heat. These are some fun indoor activities that you can try with your loved ones without stepping into the fiery heat. You can customize all these experiences according to the availability of resources and your preferences.

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