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An ‘expedition sitter’, also called a sober-sitter or co-pilot is a term commonly used by spiritual or recreational drug users to refer to the person who is sober in order to safeguard that the health and safety of the user when they are intoxicated by drugs. They are most common during first-time experiences , or in the case of dissociatives, psychedelics and deliriants. The practice could be described as a way to reduce harm.

A trip sitter can be known as a psychedelic therapist or guide, but the term is typically used to refer to someone who plays an active part in guiding drug users’ experiences. A person who is a sitter simply assists in preventing negative experiences and manage emergencies, but is not able to play an active role. Guides are more popular in the spiritual users of the entheogens.

Tripsitter.com, Tripsitter is an educational resource that focuses on the safe and responsible use of psychoactive substances. Like having a traveling companion monitor your experiences, our aim is to give assistance and guidance in the preparation for your trip to psychedelics. We believe that there is no such thing as bad or good; they are chemical compounds, either organic or not which exist throughout the world. It’s our relationship to them that is important.

How We Interact With Them That Can Remain Good or Bad.

The psychedelics have plenty to offer in terms of physical and mental health, however only when utilized in a responsible manner and with a proper. Our aim is to offer high-quality and well-studied information to assist our readers in understanding the way these substances work and how to utilize the substances safely to enhance personal growth and growth.

The Late Timothy Leary Said it Best


Psychoactive drugs can cause fright, as well as temporary insanity among those who haven’t taken the drugs. Our aim is to offer the right tools to dispel the myths surrounding the effects of these drugs and give our readers the necessary tools to effectively use them. Take a seat with us while we discover the wonderful world of psychoactive chemicals and the ways they can be utilized to promote optimal performance, personal growth productivity, and other things.

Editorial Integrity

Trip sitter is dedicated to creating content that is in line with accuracy as well as fairness, transparency and integrity standards. Our mission is to entertain, educate and educate our viewers. Our insights are derived via peer-reviewed scientific research and real-life experiences, and also consult to experts from the area. While facts that are verified do not need attribution, in many instances, we can identify not all-inclusive sources of reliable information.

Trypsin is commonly referred to for its role as an enzyme. An enzyme can be described as a protein that aids in the process of biochemical reaction within the body. The enzyme is usually located in the small intestinal tract. Trypsin can be prescribed for patients who are experiencing digestive problems. Trypsin is used in conjunction with other medicines to treat health issues such as osteoarthritis.

Trypsin efficiently eases pain and allows knees function correctly. It is also applied on wounds and cuts to get rid of dead tissue and accelerate recovery (that is, the regrowth from healthy tissues).

The advantages and dangers of using this medication when pregnant or breastfeeding must be discussed with your doctor. This medicine must be taken orally to treat osteoarthritis, or to improve digestion. To heal injuries, it’s available in the form of spray. Apply it until the injury or cut is healed completely.

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Apart from changing the perception of sensory they also possess significant spiritual aspects. They are used as a method to help you discover your inner self and have a spiritual experience. They’ve been utilized as a sacrament virtually every area where they are located, which includes South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

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