Top 5 Fake ID Websites 2023 Reviewed

Top 5 Fake ID Websites 2023 Reviewed

It is likely that you came to this page because you’re looking for assistance with navigating the dozens of websites available online and to figure out which one is the best fake ID website for 2023?

The challenge is figuring out which websites are trustworthy what price you should payand what level of quality you can expect from the ID you purchase.

For many, using a fake ID can be part of “growing into” experience. There are many reasons, having one could prove very beneficial. You can purchase alcohol when you pass the security checkpoint and gain entry into some of the most popular nightclubs.

Furthermore, there are many scam websites that have been designed by greedy people to steal your hard-earned cash. While they may promise you a stunning product, you need to know that if the product is too good to be true, it probably is.

This is the reason our team of college students has gone through hundreds of reviews, and then used our own experiences to present to you this listing of websites which provide a unique recognition.

Nowadays, you can get an fake ID by purchasing one on the internet. Here are a few of the most popular websites where you can purchase fake ID that will doesn’t just look authentic and authentic, but will also work with your preferred ID scanners and arrive promptly.


The legend that is alive and well The living legend is IDGod. Since its inception, for more than 10 years now , the IDGod has flooded US campuses with hundreds of ID’s each week. He has been featured in numerous news reports (see here Here, here, here and an interview here).

There are numerous websites that appear to be the real ID God, so be sure that you’re using the authentic ID God’s URL.

It is obvious that you want the best quality IDs at the most affordable price, and that includes a variety of payment options. Here is a look at the top ten fake ID websites, and how they stack up against one another.


It is the most trusted fake identification website online in 2022. It is available in most of the U.S. States and after you have purchased your ID, it will be delivered in between two and eight days.

I’ve personally experienced this service, and can speak for it. I and a few friends required Florida IDs to go to an area strip club where we could see the girl twerk, buy drinks, and take part in lap dances The IDs worked great!


The service that is used for false identification uses the IS extension and , as such, is not subject to ICANN authority. The fake IDs are made mostly from Korea or China and has earned an impressive reputation, despite its relative newness to the market.

The website is modernized with a sleek design and platform. Different payment methods are accepted, making the site convenient for users.

The difference that exists between as well as other providers is the fact that they’re restricted to certain states, meaning that based on your location, the service may not be beneficial.

But, IDs for the states they specialize in are extremely professional. In fact the fake IDs produced by are so good that even experts have trouble discerning the different. They also have an active social media presence that increases their credibility.


The licenses they have are divided into two that can be scanned.

IDs are equipped with a 1 as well as a 2D magnetic strips.

They always adapt to new technologies and templates.

IDs are made of laminated sleeves and can be completely personalized.

Quick customer response rate.

It takes about 7 working days to get IDs and documents to be received.

4.Evolved IDs

Evolved IDs is among the most reliable and trustworthy websites to buy fake IDs online. They have hundreds of glowing reviews on their website and we also found numerous positive reviews online as well.

Their fake ID designs are distinctive, and come with a variety of features. They come with Raised Text, Magnetic Stripes, Barcodes, and Holograms.

Service to customers is top-notch as well, and the team is responsive and helpful.

They also offer speedy delivery, with most orders shipped in 24 hours. Every order comes included with no shipping cost, which makes them affordable. Also, they offer discounts for bulk purchases when you purchase multiple IDs.

In addition, all ID cards are equipped with QR codes that scan, so your data is safe and is able to be checked. Overall Evolved IDs is top of the line in the field of counterfeit IDs. We would recommend them highly!


The fake IDs offered by this seller are top in terms of quality but aren’t too costly. Their website features a beautiful layout that is user-friendly and simple to look at. The page for ordering displays the various security measures that the identity will take and provide a FAQ section that addresses the most frequently asked issues and questions.

They have a customer service team however, they take up to three days to reply to queries and questions, and they’re available only between Monday and Friday. They are however friendly and respond to questions in a concise manner.


If you are buying fake IDs, it is crucial to go with an authentic and trustworthy source. Although such services can be more expensive, that’s because they function. The providers who create the top IDs require thorough research and study the methods and technology that are used for creating authentic IDs to ensure they are able to accurately duplicate them.

Note: We aren’t associated with any of the fake ID websites listed below. The order of ranking was created by our user polls and user experience. We believe that the use of fake IDs is a crime.

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