The Power Of Real-Time PCR System

Real-time PCR devices can be utilized in a variety of lab tests in biochemistry. They can be used to ensure certain that a reaction took place and that the results are precise. This article will learn the methods these systems use to precisely detect specific compounds in the sample and the steps you have to take in order to utilize one in your lab!

The real-time PCR method, commonly referred to by the term the quantitative PCR (qPCR) is the standard for accurate precise determination as well as quantification of the nucleic acids targets. We have developed highly efficient assay design algorithms, improved master mixes, designed an intuitive software for data analysis, and designed smart instruments to make use of the power of qPCR in real-time over a broad and diverse array of applications. Our solutions go higher: each product has been developed with efficiency built-in. They work together to provide you with a more simple as well as more flexible and extremely efficient real-time workflow for PCR.

What is a Real-Time PCR System?

A real-time PCR device is a laboratory instrument which utilizes DNA sequencing to determine any presence, or lack of particular DNA sequences. This method allows quick and precise identification of genetic mutations that are specific to DNA sequences present in a specimen.

Real-time PCR devices are becoming more popular in labs across the globe. Their popularity is due to their capability to deliver quick and precise results, that can be used to verify or rule out the presence of particular gene mutations, or even sequences. Furthermore the detection systems that use real-time PCR are frequently employed as a complement to other laboratory tests for example, immunoassays and histopathology, as well as microbiology.

Benefits of Using a Real-time PCR System

A real-time PCR machine is an essential tool for laboratoriessince it facilitates the quick identification of genetic sequences that are specific to. While conventional PCR techniques may take many hours to finish real-time PCR devices are able to detect and measure genetic sequences in just only a few minutes. This makes them perfect for high-throughput applications like genotyping and drug discovery. Here are a few advantages of using a live PCR system:

Quick turnaround times – A real-time PCR machine can rapidly identify and measure genetic sequences. This means that results can be ready in minutes. This is particularly beneficial in high-throughput processes, where speedy turnaround times are essential.

Accuracy and precision – Real time PCR devices are highly precise and precise in the identification of genetic sequences. This is due to the relatively short period of time necessary for the assay to run and the use of custom-designed probes and primers.

Easy to use – Most real-time PCR devices are simple to operate even for novice scientists. This makes them suitable to use in labs that have little resources.


We have developed a novel test based on SYBR-Green binding that is rapid reliable, easy to optimise and is comparable to the assay that has been published. This paper demonstrates its general utility by measuring copy number in three distinct genetic contexts, including the measurement of a gene change (T-cell Excision Circles of the receptor (TREC) within peripheral mononuclear blood cells) as well as the analysis and detection of MYC-C, GLI, and MYC-N gene amplifications in cancer cell lines and biopsies. We also detect OPA1 gene deletions. OPA1 gene in patients with dominant optic atrophy.


Real-time PCR is the ability to quickly and precisely detect the presence of certain proteins or genes within samples. With this method allows you to make better informed decisions on what treatments or products to consider and also make sure that outbreaks aren’t happening. If you’re searching for an option that’s both efficient and user-friendly then the Real-time PCR by Sansure could be the best option for you.

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