Suhani Shah Biography, Net Worth, Age

Suhani Shah Biography

Suhani Shah, an Indian Magician from India. The date of his birth was the 29th of January the year 1990. He was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan. suhani shah is a fantastic magician. The number of his fans is extensive. Suhani Shah has completed her education from Local Public School Udaipur, Rajasthan. According to the year 2022 his age is 32 years old.

Suhani Shahi Career and Life

Suhani Shah (born on the 29th of January, 1990, at the age of 33) is a well-known as well-known Indian magician. She is known for her astonishing magic performance that will amaze anyone. She is an expert at her work and started doing it at a young age. It requires a lot of expertise and knowledge in convincing people what you did was simply magic, and not an illusion.

Suhani Shahi began her career as a child. She was awed at the television show she had just five years old, watching the amazing show on TV, and was thinking of studying how to do it. Then she was 7 year old at the time she staged her first show with the logo.

In exchange for the privilege of presenting her performance in front of people, Suhani had given her education to her. She was always working to make her art more effective. She was taught at home by her performances and shows. She performed well in both fields.

Suhani, the girl who has the potential to be a star was born on 29 January of 1990, located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, and she will be 33 in 2023. Suhani’s education background is said to be different from that of women of in her age. You’ll be amazed to know that the magician Suhani quit school in the second grade in order to pursue her passion of performing magic. She was seven or eight year old when she left school. Suhani Shah went on to complete her education using homeschooling facilities.

She grows so fast that she says that getting the knowledge you gain from your own experiences is better than what you learn at schools. She began her homeschooling journey as a child since she started a regular travel around the world to advertise her skills as magician.

Shah is an experienced writer and hypnotherapist with 5 books. She is known as the “Breathe Into The Shadows” actress of Amazon Prime which was released on July 10, in 2020. Suhani played the character of Divyanka in the show.

Suhani has performed in a variety of shows throughout his career. He has been given a variety of tasks. Suhani Shah has said that many people have told me that I have amazing powers. Following this, he was persuaded by the words of the masses.

suhani shahi gathered people’s thoughts and their ways of thinking, and connected them with magical, Manukhi vichro, psychology as well as technique and perfect.

He taught his ideas to people via an ebook, the title of the publication is: Unleash your Hidden Powers. He began to conduct workshops and seminars in order to help those suffering from intoxication and alcoholism.


Suhani Shahi Family

His parents and brother reside within Suhani Shahi’s household. The name of his father is Chandra Kant Shah and mother’s name is Snehlata Shah

Suhani Shah Net Worth 2023

Suhani Shah makes money from her shows, sponsorships and YouTube. Suhani Shah’s net worth is between 2 – 3 Crore.  Not only that, Suhani Shah has earned a significant amount of money through her YouTube account, on which she frequently uploads videos. Suhani is said to make more than 50 lakhs INR per year, which puts her net worth up to 2-3 crores INR.



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Suhani Shah Facts

Q: who Is Suhani Shah?

A- Suhani Shah is the only female illusionist/magician in India. In addition to being a well-known performer, Shah is a professional author and hypnotherapist with 5 books.

Q: Which country do you think Suhani Shah from?

A- Suhani was born and was raised at Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Q- Who is Suhani Shah’s husband?

A. She is not married.

Q: What is the average age of Suhani Shah?

A. In 2021, Suhani’s age was 31.

Q:What is the date of birth for Suhani Shah?

A. Born on the 29th of January the year 1990.

Q: What is the mother’s title of Suhani Shah?

A. Name of mother’s is Snehlata Shah.

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