Solica Casuto Net Worth


Greek actor Solica Cassuto may be most well-known for her role as the ex-wife of famed American actor Andy Griffith. Andy Griffith had been an American actor producer, Southern Gospel writer, singer as well as a social activist. The couple were on set of a film that they were working on together after which they were in love, and got married in 1973. They stayed together, but the union ended in divorce and they separated in the year 1981.

Unknown Marriage

In addition to her acting career, Solica Cassuto is also a TV producer, author and a singer. The first wedding of Andy Griffith was not recorded and they didn’t have children. But, Griffith did tie the knot with an additional woman named Cindi Knight. They separated in 1981. Although the first marriage she had was not known, their relationship lasted for five years. Since her divorce, she hasn’t been married to any other man.


Solica Cassuto, a Greek actress. She’s also a skilled TV producer. She was a southern gospel artist. Her career spans over seven decades and she was a part of numerous films and television shows. Her union with Andy Griffith was a rocky one. They divorced in 1971, and separated in 1987. in 1981 Andy Griffith married Cindi Knight. The couple had twin daughters.

Second Wife

While she’s married to the wife and the second wife of Andy Griffith, she has no other relationships or family life. While there isn’t much information about her appearance, certain websites have measurements of her body. It is not known whether she has children.


The secret marriage resulted in divorce. Although Andy Griffith had a number of ladies who dated him however none of them ever married him. They was also blessed with two boys. The couple divorced after 1972. Their marriage ended in 2012, and it was not known for the rest of the decade. The marriage of Solica as well as Andy Griffith was a happy one over five years. She was the very beloved wife of Andy Griffith.

Divorce and Remarriage

Solica Casuto, the husband of Andy Griffith, who died on July 3 2012. The couple’s divorce was not disclosed until their first divorce. The wedding was kept hidden. The evidence is not there to support separation between the two couples. In reality, Andy Griffith and Solica Casuto didn’t have children. They remained a secret couple, and their relationship lasted until the time of his death. They were very close, however the relationship was not long-lasting.

Solica Cassuto Net Worth

Solica Cassuto has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


Andy Griffith was an American actor whose career spans seven decades of music and on television. He passed away on July 3 2012. He had 2 children Andy Griffith Jr, Dixie Griffith. He has two marriages. The his first his wife Cindi Knight, and his second wife was Solica Casuto. In his acting career , he had several successful productions like:”The Andy Griffith Show”,”Matlock”,”A Face in the Crowd” and numerous others. After seven months of rehab for leg paralysis due to Guillain-Barre , he returned to the stage in 1938. The real name of Griffith was Andy Samuel Griffith.

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