Shilpi Raj Height, Boi, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, All Song

Name Shilpi Raj
Born 25 march 2002 in Deoria (UP)
Age 20 Years
Height 1.60 m 5 feet and 3 inches
Occupation Bhojpuri Singer Actress.
Nationality Indian
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Net Worth US$ – $30K -$40 K (approx in 2021) 
Weight 55 kg.
Boyfriend Not Known
School/Collage Govt. School (U.P)


Shilpi Raj Boi and Wiki

Shilpi Raj born 25 March 2002 in Deoria (U.P) is a popular Bhojpuri singer actress.  Shilpi raj age is now 20 years as taking about Education, she did her school at Govt. School. She completed her 12th standard. During her stay in Patna.

Shilpi Raj Life and Career

Shilpi is a famous Indian playback singer. She is known for her works in music Bhojpuri album. She was debut her first song ‘Bhukur Bhukur’ in 2017. She was worked on many songs like kunvaare mein ganga nahile baanee, Laika Pahilka Ha, Neeli Neeli Akhiyan, Bhatar Tohar Rowat Hoi, and more Bhojpuri songs. She is 19 years old. She was born on 25 March 2002 in Deoriya, Uttar Pradesh, India. Currently, She is living in now- Patna, Bihar.

Singing sensation Shilpi Raj’s name is no longer concealed from the world. Shilpi Raj has become an internationally renowned singer of Bhojpuri folk music. Shilpi Raj is singing since several years, is becoming the preferred choice of people who enjoy Bhojpuri songs from the folk genre. Shilpi Raj’s fame grew as she sang some popular songs in collaboration with Bhojpuri traditional artist Pramod Premi. Today Shilpi Raj sings duets songs with nearly all of the famous singers from Bhojpuri such as Pramod Premi Yadav Khesari Lal Yadav Ritesh Pandey Ankush Raja Samar Singh Arvind Akela, Mithu Marshall, Deepak Dildar, Neel Kamal Singh. Is. discussing some of his biggest Bhojpuri songs, these days his song Fasali Bangliniya as well as Ganga Nahaile Bani which is sung by Ankush Raja is getting very famous.

Shilpi is an acclaimed Indian playback singer from India. She is famous for her songs Bhojpuri album. She is a well-known Singer. Her birthplace was Deoriya, Uttar Pradesh, India. She attended Government School, and also graduated at Patna.  She has released numerous music albums featuring hits songs. Her debut tracks “Bhukur Bhukur in 2017. She worked on numerous songs such as Saheliya Nu Laika Pahilka Ha, Nadee Biche Naeeya Dole, Neeli Neeli Akhiyan, Bhatar Tohar Rowat Hoi and many more Bhojpuri songs.

Shilpi Raj Net Worth 

Shilpi Raj Net worth $30K -$40 K (approx in 2021) 22,42,060.50 Indian Rupee, She is beautiful Singer. Shilpi Raj for their duet song. Shilpi Raj is very much liked by all the listeners because of the unique voice and singing in the unmatched tone. His first solo song Chit Badli; and Kunvaare Mein Ganga Nahile Baanee, Nadee Biche Naeeya Dole, It went viral a month after its release and is widely heard today on almost all social media platforms. While we are talking about the hit songs of Shilpi Raj, then let’s know some of her popular hit songs which have been seen more than 10 million times on YouTube.

Shilpi Raj All Song Bhojpuri

गइला कमाये सऊदी बलम

ले ले आई कोका कोला

बरतिया नतिया अखिया मारता

राजा जी खून कई दS

नदी बिचे नईया डोले

कुंवारे में गंगा नहईले बानी

पढतानी नौवां में

भतार संगे का का कईलू

नीली नीली अंखिया

बड़ा दुखाला करिहईया

कमर लचकी

हाईलोजन परोजन में बार देबू का

दू हजारा लेके आजा सेज पे

चित बदली

काला धागा बाँध लीजिये

बबुआ भईल बा

गर्मी में मैदा फायदा करी

दीदी के देवर नवछटिया बा

मुअनी हो दाड के दरद से

ऐ हमार सोना मूर्ति भीरी आवा

दीदी के देवर जस लईका चाही

नमरिया कमरिया में खोस देब

देवरू हो डर लागे अछरंग से

यादव जी से लेव लगवावतानी

साली सलवार बरियार पनिह

राजा जी के हिपिया

मिठी मिठी बोलिया

जान तोहर मम्मी कसम

लजाई काहे


Below are some fascinating information concerning Shilpi Raj:-

* She was born on 25 March 2002 in Deoria (UP)

* Shilpi Raj following on Instagram with a fan base of more than 289k Followers follower

* Shilpi Raj Education Govt. School (U.P)

* Shilpi Raj Height 1.60 m 5 feet and 3 inches

* Shilpi Raj Net Worth: $-$30K -$40 K (approx in 2021) 

* Shilpi Raj Mother Name – Not Know

* Shilpi Raj Father Name – Not Know

* Shilpi Raj The Best Popular Song Kunvaare Mein Ganga Nahile Baanee, Nadee Biche Naeeya Dole, raaja jee ke hipiya, mithee mithee boliya, jaan tohar mammee kasam.

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