Shelley Fabares Age, Height Bio Net worth “The Donna Reed Show”

Shelley Fabares Details

Name Shelley Fabares
Born 9 January 1944  Santa Monica, U.S
Age 78 Years
Height 1.66m 5 feet and 2 inches.
Occupation Actress
Nationality American
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Net Worth $2 Million (approx in 2022) 
Weight 60 Kg
Husband Lou Adler ( 1964–1980) Mike Farrell ( 1984)
School North Hollywood High School

Shelley Fabares Wiki

Shelley Fabares is an American actor from America. Her birth date was the 19th of January 1944 at Santa Monica, California, U.S. Fabares is well-known for her appearances in The Donna Reed Show and Coach. It is possible that you would like to learn more about Shelley’s character. Sheryl (or Shelly) Fabares is an American singer and actress. In her role as an actress Fabares became famous for her role as the oldest daughter in Donna Reed’s role in The Donna Reed Show. Fabares played the infamous part as Christine Armstrong on the sitcom Coach in the late 1980s to the mid 1990s. She also appeared with Elvis Presley on his three films: Girl Happy, Spinout and Clambake. As a performer her most popular single was in 1962’s “Johnny Angel”. Her other hit was a Top 40 hit in “Johnny Loves Me” also in 1962.

Shelley Fabares’s early career and personal life

Singer and actor Shelley Fabares was born Michele Ann Marie Fabares on 19 January 1944, in Santa Monica, California. Her family is one that was involved in entertainment and performing. Actually her aunt is also an actor, Nanette Fabray, best known for her appearances in the tv show Caesar’s Hour as Sid Caesar’s comic co-star.

As an infant she was already dancing and model. When she reached the age of ten, old, Fabares began acting. Her first appearance on TV by appearing in the episode Letter to Loretta.Just like her father there isn’t much information about the institutions Shelley went to. It is widely known that she started modeling in the first grade. Shelley started acting at the age of three. She was able to make her TV debut at the age of 10, when she was a guest on the episode Letter to Loretta. The actress would later land the role as Mary Stone in The Donna Reed Show after having appeared as a guest in a variety of TV shows.

Shelley Fabares “The Donna Reed Show”

Fabares received her breakthrough when she was selected for the role of Donna Reed’s child Mary Stone on the sitcom The Donna Reed Show. The show quickly became a success, and Fabares was an essential character for the following five years. Due to her popularity on the show, Fabares became a young famous and was often called everyone’s ideal “daughter.” Fabares’ “brother” on The Donna Reed Show the star Paul Petersen, also became famous on his own. When The Donna Reed Show was still at the height in its popularity Fabares quit the series in 1963.

Shelley Fabares Net Worth in 2022

Shelley Fabares As of the year 2022 the estimated value of Shelley’s net worth is $2 million.she made her money mainly through her success in acting as well as her recordings and the numerous awards she’s received during her time in the world of entertainment. We all know that a person’s income and assets vary regularly. Tables can help you understand her net worth and earnings. A few controversial facts have been revealed here.

Below are some facts information concerning Shelley Fabares

* She was born on Born9 January 1944  Santa Monica, U.S

Shelley Fabares following on Instagram with a fan base of more than 1.k Followers

Shelley Fabares Education- Kansas State University

Shelley Fabares Height- 1.66m 5 feet and 2 inches.

Shelley Fabares Net Worth: $2 Million (approx in 2022). 

Shelley Fabares Mother Name – Elsa Fabares

Shelley Fabares Father Name – James Fabares

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