Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Kitchen cabinets are the heart of modern kitchens. They require the most attention from those who use them. There are two options for installing kitchen cabinets. It can be a cost-effective or expensive affair depending on the materials and types of kitchen cabinets you choose. They help to keep your kitchen tidy and prevent clutter from becoming obvious. The next priority space after the kitchen design has been finalized is the kitchen cabinets.

Base Kitchen Cabinets

Base cabinets for kitchens are placed directly on top of the flooring to establish the layout of the kitchen. These cabinets can be used to support the countertop once it is placed on top. You have the option to install the sink inside your base cabinet. Base cabinets can be used in many ways. They can be used as drawers, pull outs and lazy susans or cabinets with shelves. They are essential for determining the countertop that will be used in your kitchen. It is what will define the layout or floor plan of your kitchen. Base cabinets are the most expensive type of kitchen cabinets. They can be used to store everything, from cutlery and other crockery to appliances and cooking utensils.

Try a Different Color

There are many ways that color can be used to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen cabinets. It’s up to you to choose the right color scheme for you.

Display cabinets

Display cabinets are shelves that can be placed between cabinets. It can be used to store items such as small planters, vases and antique showpieces. These cabinets should not be overstuffed.

Fancy Hardware Cabinets

Hardware cabinets are unique because they have gorgeous knobs and pulls that make them stand out among the latest kitchen designs. Your kitchen will look more elegant when you upgrade to one. You can choose from flat black, copper plated, or brass finishes.


Contrasting cabinet interiors

You can choose a different color interior if you have glass-fronted cabinets or open cabinets. To bring the space together, you can match the interior to a kitchen feature. You can also experiment with bold, vibrant colors.


Are you looking for an antique-style kitchen design? You might consider distressed cabinets and drawers if you are looking for an antique-style kitchen. Distressed cabinets are available from many manufacturers. They can be made in any style door, with the corners rubbed away and using other distressing techniques to give it an aged feel.

Houzz reports that there is usually a 15% to 20% increase in the cost of a tradesman who distresses your cabinetry.


Beadboard cabinetry is made up of vertical planks that have indentation or raised ridges between each blank. It has a more dynamic appearance than other styles like flat kitchen cupboards. This cabinet door style is perfect for country or cottage kitchens because of the texture created by the beads.

The all-white beadboard cabinets are perfect for completing a cottage-style kitchen. However, it is important to note that cracks and crevasses can be difficult to clean.

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