Parker Schnabel House and Girlfriend

Parker Russell Schnabel was born on the 22nd of July, 1994 located in Haines, Alaska, United States. He was 28 years old in 2022. His father’s name is Roger Schnabel. his mother’s name is Nancy Schnabel. There is a sibling named Payson Schnabel. Parker Schnabel is an American citizen and has German origin.


How Much Is Parker Schnabel Net Worth?

Park has an impressive career as an gold miner and a reality TV actor. Since his debut on the scene and has amassed quite a bit of money. If you’re one his admirers, you will be curious about the amount of money he will earn in 2021. His wealth is projected to be $8 million in 2021.

How Did Parker Schnabel Make His Money?

The net worth of his is quite impressive, and you’ll be curious about how the amount of money he’s earned in worth over the course of time. Parker has added to his account by the income he receives from being one of the cast members on the reality show. Additionally, he earns substantial sums in his mining company.

Gold Rush Reality Television Show

Parker has earned his net worth through appearances on The Gold Rush television series, which airs on Discovery channel. The show follows a group gold miners who try to make a living by mining of gold Alaska along with the Klondike.

Parker was a participant of the reality show since Season 2 and is set to be a part of the next season. The show’s second season, Schnabel was mandated with the charge of overseeing the operation for the mine called the Big Nugget mine after his grandfather had decided to quit the company.

Schnabel played the role of a reality TV show Gold Rush: The Dirt from 2012 until 2016. He became famous in 2017 thanks to his part in the episode Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Schnabel is most well-known for his part in the episode in which Schnabel tried to aid miners in the Porcupine Creek.

What is the average amount Parker make in a single episode? Parker is among the principal cast members of the reality show. He earns $25,000 for each episode. Since he has been consistently appeared in the show since 2012 until date and has made a fortune.

Who Is The Richest Person On Gold Rush?

That Parker’s wealth is soaring into the millions doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s the most wealthy cast member on the show. Tony Beets is the wealthiest cast member of the Gold Rush with a net worth of $15 million. Parker is second in wealth actor with an income that is $8.9 million. Todd Hoffman comes in third with an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Gold Mining

In the absence of reality television, Parker has amassed a fortune as a gold miner. He was fascinated by mining gold since when he was a child. Parker was able to operate the heavy equipment in the gold mine by the age of ten.

But, he began working for the grandfather’s Big Nugget mining company when the age of 16. He was responsible for running the day-today mining operations following his grandfather had retired from the company.

Parker Schnabel’s House

With such a huge wealth, the man is able to afford to enjoy a luxurious life. However, he prefers maintain a low-cost lifestyle. He does not spend the money he has earned on expensive automobiles, instead he utilizes the money to purchase new equipment to enhance the mining process.

Where do he reside? Parker Schnabel from Gold Rush is currently in Alaska in the state of Alaska, where he has an ideal house. The house is fitted with modern conveniences and is worth $950 million.

Who Is Parker Schnabel Girlfriend?

Parker Schnabel is a Alaska-based Gold miner born on the 22nd of July 1994. He is now 28 years old. He was in a relationship prior to. The woman he is with Ashley Youle who was a veterinarian nurse. The couple broke up and he’s now a single. Fans were left in disbelief by posting an Instagram photo with his fellow miner Brit sheena cowell. Many speculate that she might be his girlfriend of the moment or an acquaintance since she hasn’t been introduced to the public. Brit Sheena Cowell a gold miner and works for the TV channel Knickerbocker Glory.

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