Overwatch 2 Team Teases Mercy changes coming in Season

Alec Dawson, the lead hero designer in Overwatch 2, has provided some details about the development team’s plans to tweak Mercy’s outfit in the upcoming Season 4 and following.

Mercy will not get away from the spotlight for long as she experienced numerous changes in Overwatch 2. In Overwatch 2, Overwatch 2 players needed clarification about her adjustments to balance at the beginning of Season 3.

Based on Overwatch 2 team head designer Alec Dawson, Mercy will undergo more changes in Season 4 due to major changes, she is yet to become the person they’d like her to be.

In a live stream Q&A, Dawson was interviewed by BroYouWack and ChristalRaine. Alec stated his balance group had some changes in their minds when Christal asked if Mercy’s development staff is happy with the current balance of Mercy considering that a lot of members of the community still have to be.

The Overwatch 2 Team is preparing Mercy adjustments:

It’s not an exaggeration to claim the fact that Mercy has been among the most debated heroes in the history of seven years of Overwatch. In Overwatch 1, when her final goal was altered this was a highly controversial update. Discussions about her balance continued till Overwatch 2.

It’s hard to know which of the Mercy enhancements that are being planned from Overwatch 2’s development team Overwatch 2 development team are fundamental changes, buffs, Nerfs, or a combination from all three. Yes, we’re considering Mercy and, there are a few issues and some changes. Perhaps in season 4,” suggested Dawson.

We’re looking at the healing as well as 50 percent bonus given to targets with poor health and, although I believe it does something fantastic for Mercy however, it’s also extremely efficient. The community is divided. Some players think Mercy ought to be restored to her former position prior to the most recent changes.

I’m tired of fighting heal bots with 67/90 heals per second, a user wrote on Overwatch Cavalry’s Twitter post about the issue. “Revert Mercy to her 55 heals self and just nerf blue beam injury amp from 30% to 20%,” the user wrote. Others believe that she’s now in a good position and that no further modifications are needed.

Another gamer says, “As a Mercy main I am awestruck by her latest changes. My only wish is that her GA cooldown be reduced. While Alex has stated that GA cooldowns could exist within the next few days after Season 4 starts in April However, it’s still being decided when these enhancements will be made available to the server in its current state.

The most recent Overwatch 2 mid-season update not only brought the brand new One-Punch Man event but also included a number of hero modifications and a new competitive mode and an interminable amount of bug fixes and other features. Blizzard is now implementing improvements to matchmaking, finally.

Overwatch 2 Mercy changes

Mercy is one of the most controversial heroes in Overwatch 2’s extensive and colorful storyline over the past seven years. The final change she made was a controversial modification to the title that was originally released and the debates over balance aren’t over yet, even in Overwatch 2.

It’s hard to tell if the change that developers make to the game are creating a plethora of mercy, simple buffs, changes and nerfs or a mix with all.

“Yes we’re looking at Mercy and yes, we are considering making changes. Maybe in season 4,” added Dawson. “We are looking at that healing and the 50% bonus to low health targets and how while that does something I think very good for Mercy, it is very strong.”

Gaming players are divided regarding this, as certain players believe mErcy must be restored to her pre-latest state.


We have discussed all the details we have regarding the Overwatch 2 team teases mercy adjustments, and lots other updates about the same, keep checking back to us.

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