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Payroll taxes are taxes imposed on employers or employees, and are usually calculated as a percentage of the salaries that employers pay their employees.By law, some payroll taxes are the responsibility of the employee and others fall on the employer, but almost all economists agree that the true economic incidence of a payroll tax is unaffected by this distinction, and falls largely or entirely on workers in the form of lower wages.


For New York, calculating taxes is more challenging than other states. The entire state is taxed on income that is progressive that is ranging from 4% up from 10.9 percent, based on the amount an employee earns. The tax rate in New York State, an employee’s tax burden differs based the location they work in.

The residents of New York City and Yonkers particularly are more likely to be subject to higher taxes on income. However, in the event that do not want to get into legal or financial problems, it’s not a good idea to neglect obligations like taxes and pay stubs. This article will provide a summary of the entirety of your New York Payroll related laws and taxes. The following are the subjects covered:

Payroll Taxes and Laws in New York

If you are a small-scale business proprietor operating in New York State, you need to be aware of numerous payroll taxes. We’ll look at a few of the most common taxes:

Income tax

New York has a progressive income tax, which ranges from 4.5% to 8.82 percent based on the employee’s earnings. An 9.62 percent withholding rate is added to any bonuses or commissions. Employers operating in New York are required to withhold the state income tax from their employees’ salaries and then pay the tax withheld into the Department of Taxation and Finance.

Employers who pay taxable wage to resident workers, no matter where their services are provided or if they pay tax-deductible wages to non-residents for services rendered within the state must stop all taxes made to residents, regardless of where the services are rendered.

Use Tax

Use Taxes are imposed on services and goods purchased in other states than New York State and supplied to businesses within the state. This isn’t included in the calculation of payroll taxes.

All of these taxes are added to federal taxes and both of them must be subtracted from an employee’s W2 pay.

Yonkers Surcharge

Yonkers residents and employees are charged a fee that is under 1% based on a range of variables.

New York City Surcharge

The employees of New York City have a 4.25 percent (.0425) surcharge deducted from their taxable earnings.

Taxes on property

Taxes on property are set by local authorities and fluctuate greatly based on where you reside. The assessed value of the property can be divided by tax rates to calculate these taxes. Payroll taxes aren’t included.

Sales Tax

Tax returns for sales are separated from payroll. They have to be prepared on a monthly quarterlyor annually for small companies.

What is my preferred payment frequency to pay Maine taxes on income?

For the tax year 2022 employers and non-payroll filers who declared Maine income tax withholdings of more than $18,000 in the 12 months that ended the 30th of June, 2021 will be required to pay income tax withholding according to an a biweekly basis. See Question 4 below for payment due dates.

Employers and non-payroll filers who have reported Maine income tax withholdings of less than $18,000 during the twelve months that ended the 30th of June, 2021, are required to make quarterly payments. When an individual or employer used to make semiweekly payments and will continue to do so on that schedule regardless of amount reported in the time period of lookback. Employers and non-payroll filers who are who are registered for Maine taxes on income are required to electronically submit Maine quarterly tax return. Taxpayers can request exemptions from the filing requirements for electronic filing in good faith. Refer to MRS Rules 102 & 104 for more details.

What is the deadline date for withholding tax income?

The quarterly payments are due on the final day of the month after the close of the quarter or on the next business day if the final day is a Saturday or Sunday, or on a holidays. The payment due on the same day that the quarterly return is due.

Semiweekly payments are made based on the payment of wages and are due in accordance with the following timetable:

For wages earned on Wednesday Thursday, Friday or Wednesday make the withholding payment prior to or on the following Wednesday.

For wages earned on the weekend, Sunday, Monday , or Tuesday, make withholding payments prior to or on the next Friday.

If you have received a bill or notice that you need to pay for it, you can use the account on your Online Services account to pay directly from your bank account no cost, or use a credit card to pay an additional fee. Are you without the Online Services account? Pay through your bank account for no cost using the QuickPay option (individuals just).

New York State, on the other hand, will not tax employer UI accounts for payments paid during the COVID-19 epidemic as of January 14, 2021. The state unemployment insurance (SUI) tax rates in New York for 2021 range from 2.025 percent to 9.826 percent, up from 0.525 percent to 7.825 percent in 2020.

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