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My Little Babog blog about family life and travel is a good example of how blogging can help you create an existence around your interest. The blog was started by the Babog family and have since grown into an active online community even though they live in the tiny home they built for themselves.

My Little Babog blog about family life and travel was included by the Today show, and the blog has been included on Forbes as well as The New York Times.

The story of the family’s Little Babog is a great illustration of how bloggers who are traveling can profit from fresh opportunities emerging due to the growth of blogging and social media.

If you look through the blog, you’ll be able to see that the blog’s tagline reads “My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog.” If you’re looking for a way to have fun outside of your home, you’ll need less than traveling across the globe. However, traveling on your own can be an exciting experience too. It is essential to prepare everything prior to traveling to a new country with plenty of unexpected surprises that could pique your attention when it’s already too late.

What Is My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog?


My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog is a blog which offers tips on how to live an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. This blog was written by an trio of family members who currently reside in the Philippines. They are constantly looking for ways to enhance their lives and, as a result they can travel around the world or remain in their home, with dear family members.

The blog was initially started as a means for them to share their stories with other people However, it soon grew to become something more. It’s now a chance that other families can draw inspiration from the one family’s daily experiences.

Family Adventures & Fun With Lanyards


Lanyards are a great way to secure your keys using any of their numerous attachment options , or store cards, as well as other small objects inside. They can also be fantastic free-hand tools for hanging items like cellphones or smaller items They’re also great to keep your items safe from getting lost in the forest or at the beach.

Lanyards can also be a fantastic method to keep families on track when you are having group activities. Instead of writing everyone’s name in their shirt, as an example you could write the name of each participant on a lanyard that has an image of their face! It will be simpler for everyone to know the names of everyone else when it’s time to meet after a long day.

What We Pack


Pacifiers and bottles. We always have at minimum two bottles. We put one bottle in our diaper bags, and an extra one inside the stroller to have it easily accessible.

Wipes and diapers. We carry three brands of diapers, so we can change them out as necessary. Additionally, we carry various wipes that are ideal to wash up after eating a mess or playing with your family and friends!

Benadryl or another cold medicine for your baby in the event that he gets sick while traveling. If there’s a newborn who is susceptible for motion sickness be sure to bring the drowsy tablets with you to help them relax during traveling.

* A portable playpen , or travel crib

* Light blankets

* Extra clothes

* Wipes and diapers

* Books and toys

* Kit for First Aid (just to be safe)

• Baby Monitor (so we can have some rest)

* Pacifiers (for naptime)

* Formula and bottles (or breast milk if you are breastfeeding)

Our Favorite Travel Gear

A stroller is a must-have accessory for parents on the go. It helps keep your child close and secure. You can still go to your excursion with your baby, no matter if it’s a museum or park.

Car seats are a must-have accessory for parents on the go. It allows you to carry your child without fearing that they could be injured in the occasion of an accident collision.

An infant diaper kit is necessary for traveling with a baby since it contains everything you require when you’re on the move — wipes, diapers bottles, diapers, as well as toys! Of course, the bag should be big enough to meet all of your needs , so you don’t have to take things out as you travel through the security checkpoints at the airport, or when you are traveling for business.

Do you have a child traveling with you? A high chair is likely to be a significant element of their trip traveling! A high chair that is safe will allow the children to eat at their own pace while protecting your food items from falling on the floor or spilling in their absence while playing (which occurs quite frequently).

Another essential travel item we ensure we take with us when we go to vacation is our camera! If you enjoy taking photos of your family members while you are away from them, bring your camera along.


The Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog is perfect for readers who enjoy traveling and offers helpful tips and tricks to help them on their travels. It is a great source of up-to-date information and news about the most popular destinations they have visited. Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog Little Babog The Family Travel Blog is a fun and creative layout and is easy to navigate.

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