Miki Garcia Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband

Miki Garcia (born on 17th February 1947, aged 75) is an internationally renowned American actress, model TV host author and marketing director. She is also a realtor and businesswoman hailing who hails from Kingman, Arizona. Miki is well-known across the United States for her former position as an official Playboy model. Garcia was fired from the Playboy company in 1982, as per her interview.

What is Miki Garcia’s Net Worth?

Miki Garcia is a gorgeous model who made a fortune from her modeling career. She makes a good income from her real estate job. She also works with a number of brands.

Miki has also appeared in numerous television shows. Miki’s net worth is believed to be approximately $3.5 million according to our research (approx.). She currently lives within California, United States, where she has a lux life.

Miki Garcia Who is she?

Garcia is an ex-playboy actor and model, as per sources. She also worked in the business as a naked model. Miki was also the position as head of promotions in the Playboy house which I’m sure you are aware. In addition she also appeared in a couple of films produced by Hugh Hefner.

Additionally, she is a model who participated in various beauty contests and was also a participant in Miss California World. Miss California World beauty contest according on her IMDb profile. She is being employed by Prudential California Realty as a real estate agent.

Early Life & Education

Miki Garcia A stunning ex- Playboy models, is famous for her modeling projects. I’ll tell that she was born within the United States on Monday, 17 February 1947 located in Kingman, Arizona. The family adopted her was a family with a long history. Miki has had a love in modeling from the time she was a kid.

Her basic education was received in an Catholic school, as per IMDb. Following that she pursued her studies at the Panama’s Balboa College. Miki started working in the modeling business following her completion of her post-secondary education. Wikimedia Commons has an entire section dedicated to Miki Garcia.


We know that Miki began her modeling career as model. After starting her university education she began to participate on various pageants and beauty contests. In the end, she was the assistant director as well as emcee of The Miss California Bikini Pageant at the California State Fair.

Furthermore she also won an award of Miss Sacramento. We also know about her connections to the Plaboy. In reality, she worked in the Playboy mansion as the head of promotion until 1982. As model, she was able to make appearances on the cover of several magazines. But it was the movie Stacey which brought the spotlight on her. She played the character Desi. Her IMDB page states that at present she’s working at Prudential California Realty as an agent.

Family history

Miki Garcia was born to a military background, according to the family tree. Her father was a part of the United States Air Force as an officer. Her early years were spent in various parts of the globe due to her father’s work, including Germany, Panama, Arizona, Japan, Hawaii, Montana and Florida.

They settled down in California following that. The mother of the child is stay-at home mother. The name of her mother is as a secret. Garcia was raised in the same family as her cousins and brothers. We’ll shortly add more details about the family’s history to this page.

Status of relationship

Miki Garcia lives within El Dorado Hills, California according to the sources. She is married according to our research. But, no information on her husband or her partner in life is currently available. Our experts will investigate her current relationship and will get back to the client as fast as they can.

Are you aware of the professional life of Miki Garcia?

In her previous lives, she’s linked with Playboy Hugh Hefner. She also did modeling on behalf of Hugh Hefner. Also, she spent a large period of her time at The Playboy house. In February, she came forward 2022 to share her experiences from her experiences at Playboy. Playboy house. Miki however, contrary to her is not willing to share any details about her children.

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