Manual Physical Therapy

What’s the Definition?

Physical therapy and manual therapy are two terms that could create confusion. Many people refer to the two terms to mean the same thing. Therapists who specialize in physical therapy are in United States, however, don’t. What is the difference between manual therapy and physical therapy? We’re grateful you asked!

Do you remember the concept of subsets and sets in math? It’s as simple as that manual therapy is one of the subsets of physical therapy. Therefore, while any manual therapy is considered the practice of physical therapy, only certain types of physical therapy can be included as manual therapy.

Also, notice that we have said “in the United States.” In other regions around the globe, language used for manual and physical therapy may differ from ours. You’re more likely to find the term “physiotherapy,” for instance. But don’t fret! We’ll explain what we mean when we talk about physical and manual therapy!


Why is it important?

If you are receiving the right therapy, what does it matter that you know the distinction between manual as well as physical therapy? Midland Physical Therapy believes that Midland Physical Therapy, we believe that you must fully comprehend the therapy you receive and the reasons why one therapy is more recommended than the other.

A lot of patients come to Lake County Physical Therapy expecting to receive many packages, ultrasounds, and guidelines on how perform the exercises. The reasons for these modalities are generally justifiedand physical therapists believe that training is vital to restore muscles that are imbalanced.

Manual therapy helps restore mobility, not directly manipulating the muscles via exercises. However, a physical therapy with Aurora is able to approach the restoration of function from a different angle. They want to know the reason why a muscle isn’t functioning properly and consider exercising not as a primary method of healing but rather as an adjunct of manual therapy.

It is a special treatment plan that is delivered using the hands rather than the use of a machine. Physical therapists utilize their hands to exert pressure on muscles and manipulate joints in order to lessen the joint pain that is caused by muscles spasm or joint dysfunction.

What Is Manual Therapy?

There are numerous terms and concepts that are used to describe manual therapy. The most accurate definition that is manipulative therapy refers to that it is a form of therapy used by an Therapist. If used in the right context, it can be an important tool for the lists of physical therapy. A lot of professionals utilize manual therapy, which includes massage therapists, registered therapists, and chiropractors.

When you consult an physical therapist Aurora to receive manual therapies, you may anticipate a variety of manual therapy to be included in their treatment and assessment program. Manual Therapy Techniques

Active Assisted Range Of Motion (AAROM)

A patient is required to move a joint using their range of motion while the therapist assists them in expanding the mobility.

Manual Traction

It applies distraction force to the joint, which permits gapping or decompression to take place within the joint’s space.

Joint Mobilizations

It has unique passive movements which directly impact your joint surfaces using various intensities and speeds.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

It requires the use of special tools for removing myofascial and soft tissue restrictions.

Trigger Point Release

Trigger points are nodules that can be felt which create taut bands within the muscles. A trigger point release exerts pressure to the taut bands in order to release these nodules.

Myofascial Release Technique (MRT)

It’s a method of applying constant pressure that causes limitations in the myofascial tissues.

Goals of Manual Therapy

Techniques for manual therapy are crucial in the assessment of a physical therapist and treatment. Based on the signs and the result of the therapist’s review, they can employ several or one of the types of manual therapy as part of their treatment program. With these techniques physical therapists try to achieve at least one of the outcomes listed below:

The natural pain relieving treatment

Increase range of motion of joints

Help promote relaxation

Increased compliance of the tissue

Reduces soft tissue inflammation

Move certain joints

Reduce restrictions on movement

After carefully assessing the patient’s health The therapist will be able to identify the methods to trigger any or all of the listed effects. The objective is to enhance the function of a patient through manipulative therapy.

Effectiveness Of Manual Therapy

The effectiveness in manual therapies is debated in the scientific literature. For every study that proves the benefits of one method one, another has negative side effects.

The problem with the validation of these studies lies in the different the techniques employed by therapists and the treatment of patients and their specific conditions. Manipulative therapy isn’t an method that is universally used. Physical therapists must analyze the patient’s condition, their health and the result they want to achieve in deciding on the best treatment program. Although manual therapy can provide numerous benefits, it’s not suitable for all ailments. Physical therapists who are experienced use manual therapy methods in conjunction with exercise, education and physical therapy to encourage the healing process and improve function of their patients.

We at Lake County Physical Therapy, our highly skilled and experienced professionals are proficient in managing a variety of complicated orthopedic and neurological conditions. They recognize the value and importance manual therapy plays in the evaluation and treatment of patients.

If required, our doctors employ the appropriate manual therapy methods to treat the condition and enhance your functioning. If you’re suffering from an injury, consult an therapist who can help you return to your normal routine.

Physical Therapy: Stretch & Strengthen

If you think of conventional rehabilitation, it’s probably thinking of the exercises your therapist will ask you to complete. It could be a routine you can do at home, or they could be exercises that you do using equipment in Rehabilitation centers. In either case the physical therapy you receive will include stretching and strengthening exercises.


Lake County Physical Therapy provides caring care that helps our patients reach the health objectives they have set for themselves. Our team is comprised of highly professionals who are certified in physical therapy within the local region.With many years in the field, they offer gentle , hands-on treatments that treat a variety of joint and muscle conditions that include the use of neuromuscular and massage techniques to improve your health.

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