Julia Voth Net-Worth, Height, Age, Bio, Filmography & More

Name Julia Voth
Born 16 May 1985  Regina, Canada
Age 36 Years
Height Meters- 1.73 m 5 feet and 8.1 inches
Occupation Actress, Dancer
Nationality Canadian
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue

Julia Voth

Julia Voth Biography and Social Media

Julia Voth is a fabulous Canadian model, film star and TV presenter who is well-known and respected. Her birth date was May 16, 1985. She is when she was born within Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan. Her appearance is exceptionally stunning and gorgeous with her stunning eye colors. Julia Voth is 36 years old when she turns 36 in 2021. Her fame is due to her role as the main character in the cult film Bitch Slap and TV arrangement Package Deal in 2009. Julia has grown to be the biggest star within the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Julia the beautiful model is very active with social networks. Julia has a lot of followers and fans on her social media profiles as an actress and model as well as actress, such as Instagram, Twitter Face book as well as Instagram.


Julia Voth Early Life and Career


Julia is part of a large family, and she first opened her eyes on the 16th of May in 1985 at Regina, Saskatchewan. She is sharp and a multi-faceted media personality. In a group, Julia also said I do not like sharing my personal biodata with relatives online. Julia is a remarkable relic of her family members. Family. Her father especially loves Julia and her children, especially different ones. After schooling and a decision to get an affirmation degree of four years from a prestigious institution in the United States, Canada.

Julia Voth started her professional business in the acting and displaying field. Because of her striking face she was given the opportunity to work as an amazing model for numerous most famous brands of plugs like Guess, Calvin Klein, Shiseido and many more. In this way she gained a lot of fan followers via online media. From then on, Julia played the best character in the wonderful Jill Valentine Resident Evil computer game in 2002. Then she was able to play amazingly stunning roles in other games on computers in the Resident Evil establishment. Luckily, her fan gifted her with an Resident Evil beret. In the end, Julia propelled to do an photo shoot with cosplay Valentine.

After her transformation into a popular character, Julia, fortunately, had the opportunity to appear in the world-renowned entertainment industry of activity. In this regard she appeared alongside her most talented speedy characters America Olivo and Erin Cummings in the hugely popular movie about activities Bitch Slap. In the film, she did the most convincing role of Trixie. The public was able to appreciate the film and also expressed great opinions regarding the acting skills of movie stars. Following the award, Julia featured in the scenes of the most popular television show Castle, Supernatural and Huge. In the following year she had an amazing role in the sitcom satire Package Deal, however, the show ran in two seasons, from 2013 until 2014.

Julia Voth

Julia Voth Net Worth

Julia, the model with the most acclaim is believed to be worth anywhere between $1 million to $15 million. Julia’s career as an actress and model makes her income. In 2018 Julia’s net worth is estimated at between $500k to $1 million. Julia has not made any of her assets accessible to the public. Similar to Juila’s earnings and income, homes and automobiles are being investigated. This is why we can give you accurate and complete information. Read More..



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