Importance of Traditional Indian Ethnic Wear for Festivals

The dressing style will be classified depending upon the people, geographical area, culture and tradition. Mostly the people will wear royal dresses only for functions and cultural events. Later the design and the style of the dresses changing depend on the modern development generations. They will change their style depending on their own. Nowadays the combination of different styles of dresses into one is more famous. Many costume designers plan to update the dresses based on customer requirements and interests. The designers always move on trendy clothes which attract people very quickly. Indian dresses now come with the traditional style but with different modifications.

For children

There are many designs for children from 6 months to more than 14 years. They always love to wear dresses colorful and with cartoon character designs. The girl children will always love to wear angel and prince’s dresses. Of course, those dress prices will differ based on the extra fittings added to them. But our traditional dress for children is pavadai sattai. The children mainly like this one because of its royal look and design. It provides additional comfort to wear at all cicrumstance and give a best and neat look at all time.

For young adult

This function is almost famous; like a wedding function, the girl once reaches puberty or, to be more specific, enters her first menstruation cycle. However, this function is to celebrate her first step to adulthood. She is now considered mature, a rite of passage from a girl to a woman. It is a dress, specifically a saree, which will be draped in a certain way by the girls in south India during the half-saree function once they reach puberty. In the Telugu language, the people call it LangaVoni. In Tamil, they call it PavasaiDhavani and while in Kannada, people call it is popularly known and LangaDavani.

For Women

Kanjeevaram also styles religious ideas inspired by the temples and mythological tales. The pallu of a Kanjeevaram saree is usually a contrasting color adding more style to the texture of the saree. Sarees like theKanchi Cotton, Ajrak, TANT, Sambhalpuri, and Jamdani offer better weaving by rendering the stylishness and the style of one’s nature. The cheaper and more effective price ranges of cotton saree are available in the market that well with the skin and disposed of material.

For Men

Men will wear Indian dresses like dhotis during a festival or to acknowledge the marriage ceremony. In most south Indian marriages, dhoti is essential for men’s wear. Most politicians wear this as it has become their official wear. Pandits and those adorning the temples wear dhotis as their regular wear, wearing a dhoti. Due to its pleats and fold at the back, Chai Tanya is created around the body. Hence, the individual is protected from the predominant atmosphere and distressing energy emanating, reducing stressing energy covering the body. But it gives you the best stylish and confident look during the function time.

Traditional Indian Clothing History

In India, the outfit plays a major role in deciding your culture and style. South Indian women wear different types of traditional clothing, and women from North Indian wear different types of traditional clothing. These days, a majority of their clothing is common but how they drape a sari is different.

Many emperors ruled India. Islamic rulers, Guptas, British are the impactful rulers. They left a clear impact on our Indian attire. After India got independence, clothing has changed to a great extent. Right now, Indian outfits for women are a part of global fashion. Modern-day designers have made sure they don’t miss the traditional touch when they are creating modern clothing.

Since India is a country with a rich cultural background, our apparel also reflects this. Women’s kurtas, kurtis, and kurta sets are the best when it comes to highlighting the beauty of Indian women. In the past, only a particular age group of women would wear kurtas and kurta sets, but as fashion has evolved, they have found a place in the industry and are now worn by women of all ages as part of their ethnic attire. Additionally, women’s kurta and palazzo combinations or kurta and churidar sets are worn on a daily basis rather than just for special occasions or holidays. A lovely kurta set may be worn everywhere, whether you’re going to the office or going on a casual outing. Everyone, from Bollywood stars to fashion bloggers, relies on a kurta set since it is constantly in style.

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