How to Choose Right Spare Bowling Ball?

Yes! Typically a bowler will use an aggressive cover stock ball, such as a reactive resin or, sometimes, a less-hooking Urethane ball for the first shot, and if he/she needs to pick up a spare, they will often switch to a plastic ball for very little hook

Are you a keen bowler curious about the use of spare balls? It’s not a problem for you. This is a question that’s been asked many times and the answer may not be as simple as you might imagine. The use of spare balls has become more popular with players who are amateurs, but do pros also rely on them? Take a look at this blog article as we explore this subject to discover everything you need to know about professional bowlers and their usage of spare balls!

How do I find a spare soccer ball?

An extra ball can be described as a word used in bowling to refer to an extra ball that is that is used to bowl over the remaining pins when the initial ball is not able to knock them all down. This is a term that is commonly used for ten-pin bowling, but could also be used to describe different forms of the game.

In ten-pin bowling, players have a second shot using your spare ball in the event that you don’t manage to knock down all ten pins using the initial ball (known as the strike). If you fail to get all the pins cleared in that frame, your score for the frame will be the sum of the number of pins knocked off with your first ball and the number of pins that you knocked down using the spare ball. For instance, if hit seven pins using the first ball and three using an extra ball the score for the frame will be ten points.

While strikes are generally superior to spares as they can earn you more points but they’re still crucial because they let you score points throughout the same frame, even if you don’t score an opportunity to strike. Therefore, if you’d like to get better at your game and play like a professional, make sure you practice the spare shots!

Why do pro bowlers use spare balls?

If a professional bowler is employing a backup ball they aim to limit the number of pins that remain. They are able to more efficiently focus and get the remaining pins away with an extra ball.

Furthermore, professional bowlers usually carry multiple balls on hand when they play. By keeping an extra ball available it is possible to always have an alternative in the event that their primary ball is damaged or is lost.

What are the advantages from using an extra ball?

A spare ball in your bag is a great benefit to bowl. It can, for one thing, assist in improving your score. You can utilize your spare ball in order to get any pins you missed when using the first ball. Additionally the spare ball could assist in improving your average. If you make a strike with your first ball and you only pick up eight pins when you switch to the second ball, your score will decrease. But, your average will rise if you own an extra ball that you can get all ten pins.

Another advantage of having an extra ball, is it could provide you with an additional opportunity to play. If you’re having difficulty with a specific shot or are looking to try something new, you could make use of the spare ball to test the new techniques without impacting your score. In addition, using an extra ball could help if you’re trying to improve a specific aspect in your sport, like increasing your speed or enhancing your accuracy.

Are there any drawbacks to having an extra ball?

There are some disadvantages of having the spare ball. The first is that selecting a ball that fits your style of bowling can be difficult. Additionally, spare balls may be more costly as regular ball. In addition, they might not last as long than regular balls. In addition, they might lack the grip as regular balls.


So, do professional bowlers use spare balls? Yes! Professional bowlers use an extra ball in the event that they have to alter the size and weight of their equipment, or when they are looking to test various techniques. The spare balls can also be useful for tournaments and practice games to ensure consistency. Although it’s not required for all bowlers having a spare ball can improve your performance on the lane.

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