How to Buy Bulk Guinea Pig Food?

If you are waiting to purchase bulk guinea pig food, you are in need to look for a portion of dried food. Bulk guinea pig food lasts longer than their actual life. All the same, finding out the best bulk guinea pig food is more difficult than you think. Here we recommend the 3 best bulk guinea pig foods to get a better understanding of what guinea pigs can eat the price of the food, and its health benefits on guinea pigs.

Best Bulk Guinea Pig Food:


  1. Small Pet Select:

Regarding quality concerns, Small Pet Select is the big top pick. If you are more concerned about beating a quality, high-end food compound where the price is not a big factor, we recommend acquiring a bear of something from Small Pet Select. This bulk guinea pig food is really good known for its quality attack to bulk guinea pig food from the milling around process the whole way to the foodstuffs.

Price – Well, it is a good concern; as far as price goes, it will cost you around $30 a bag. That matches out to be $3 per pound.

Health Benefits – The food compound is filled out of a Timothy Hay grounded mixture spiked with all important vitamins and minerals. This food is not coming from China but from the local producers.

In that respect, there are a lot of bulk guinea pig food choices out at that place, especially once it comes to small pets that will utilize fillers in their nutrient. What are fillers? Low food nutrients are planned to bulk up a food product’s weight at a low price and without any added benefits.


  1. Mall Pet Timothy Hay:

Small Pet has carefully attempted to keep this from finding inside their foods. Instead of compromising on quality, this mall Pet Timothy Hay has simply added up a lot of nutrient-rich bring out to bulk up their food product’s weight, and the price speculates this.

Price – mall Pet Timothy Hay costs you about $65 for a 25 pound bag; this pick is marginally more inexpensive than my number one option by Small Pet Select.

Health Benefits – Yes! Timothy hay found formula made with the help of several vets and guinea pig food specialists.


  1. Oxbow:

Oxbow’s bulk guinea pig food is as well a good option on the list. This food product is not by a long sight planned to be an end-all-be-all in terms of food diet, but the fact is that none of these nutrient mixtures are.

Price – The Oxbow costs you about $42 per bag.

Health Benefits – This bulk food is planned with big guinea pigs. The food formula was created to contain braced vitamin c as well as the best calcium-to-phosphorus ratio.


Final Words:

Well, that sums up my writing about the best bulk guinea pig foods presently on the marketplace. If you have some questions or recommendations, you are welcome to write us. These foods are not just healthy for the guinea pigs but as well good for them to breed.

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