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In the spring, bananas are awash with health benefits. So, say nutrition experts. A few ways that bananas may benefit us are managing our digestive system as well as improving mood and treating constipation, among others.

Are you afraid to eat a banana due to all the hype regarding it being “high in sugar”? Your nutritionist is encouraging that you shouldn’t be afraid to go bananas. For starters, bananas contain no added sugar, which is different from the table sugar or honey that you discover in baked goods or soda. It is made of sugar that is naturally occurring. Particularly, bananas contain resistant starch, which means it goes into the small intestinal tract unaffected and then breaks down in the large intestine that promotes healthy digestive health, regulates blood sugar levels, improves the appetite, and reduce constipation. When a banana is ripe, its amount of resistance starch reduces.

It is generally recommended to limit the amount of carbohydrates in the range 15-30 grams when eating snacks (consult with your nutritionist) The bananas and other fruits are in line with these guidelines. This makes for the perfect sweet, satisfying healthy snack. Look over the simple Banana and Peanut Butter wrap recipe below for an easy for-go food.

Go Bananas are a fantastic source of vitamin B6 which is also known as pyridoxine which is crucial in the metabolism of proteins as well as cognitive development and hemoglobin production. If you’re doubtful, bananas are also an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. The table below shows the nutritional content of the various sizes of bananas.

Since its introduction to the world there have been many hybrid varieties of the fruit have been developed throughout time, which is why there are numerous and diverse varieties of bananas throughout the world. In general, you can identify the following five types.

Cavendish bananas

Also called dessert bananas, you can find these kinds in desserts, smoothies as well as other kinds of desserts. A thick yellow skin with soft white, succulent , and sweet flesh are the main characteristics of this variety. This is the one that’s frequently found variety in numerous supermarkets.

Apple bananas

Originating from Central in Central South America, you can usually find this variety on Hawaii. Hawaii Islands. It is a firm, pinkish flesh and is quite small in dimensions. This is why it got its name.

Red banana

A little tinier and juicier, this fruit has a thick skin that has a reddish hue with a the purple hue. As it ripens the flesh softens and more sweet than regular bananas.

Lady finger banana

Thinner and longer, this kind of plant is native to India. The plants thrive in warm climates and due to their smaller in dimensions, they make for the ideal snack.


This tough, green sub-type of banana is distinctive from counterparts. Although they’re as healthy as other varieties, plantains are starchy , with less sugar , which makes them ideal for cooking. Plantains can only be consumed after cooking and are not eaten raw.

Bananas are always associated with health and good health. March is typically the month of the year when you can get plenty of this fruit since the costs are actually reduced. If you’re not going bananas, to reap health benefits there are some compelling benefits to eating the exotic fruit:

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