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Gama Pehlwan, born Ghulam Mohammed Baksh Butt (22 may 1878 – 23 may 1960), also known by Rustam-e Hind or Rostam Of Hindostan and the Great Gama was a British Indian pehlwani wrestler. He was India’s undefeated wrestler in the 20th century. He was born to a Kashmiri Muslim wrestler family in Jabbowal Village. Amritsar District, Punjab Province, British India. (now Jabbowal District, Kapurthala District), Punjab, India.

He first became famous at the tender age of ten in 1888 when he took part in a Jodhpur strongman contest. The contest included many strenuous exercises like squats. Gama was one of the fifteen finalists in the contest. He was chosen because he was only 15 years old and was the Maharaja from Jodhpur. Gama was then trained by the Maharaja Datia.

Who was Gama Pehlwan ?

Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Yett, also known as Rustam e-Hind, or The Great Gama, was an Indian bodybuilder and pehlwani wrestler. In the early 20th century, he was the unbeaten world champion of wrestling.

Born May 22, 1878 into a Kashmiri Muslim wrestler family in Jabbowal Village, Amritsar, Punjab Province, British India (now Jabbowal District of Kapurthala District of Punjab, India), he died on 23 May 1960. He was 82 years old when he died in Lahore on 23 May 1960. His chronic heart disease caused him to become ill.

Gama Pehlwan Career and Life

Although he had moved from Amritsar, he wasn’t taken care of and was struggling with money. He quit wrestling because he was suffering from asthma and heart disease. His condition worsened and he had to sell his medals in order to support himself.

Gama’s father, Muhammad Aziz Baksh (a Kashmiri Muslim), was a court wrestler. He fought under the aegis Maharaja Bhawani Sing of Datia as well as a borther called Iman Baksh. Wazeer Begum was his wife. He had 5 sons, 4 daughters. He was 5′ 8″ tall and was a Muslim.

At the tender age of 10, Gama was invited to a Jodhpur bodybuilder tournament. Gama finished in the top 15 and was crowned the winner of the Maharaja Jodhpur contest. The Maharaja from Datia put him through his training.

Gama was unbeaten throughout his remarkable five-decade career. Gama was a strong inspiration to many people during the Indian subcontinent’s struggle for freedom. He even inspired actor Bruce Lee, who is renowned as a martial arts master.

After defeating famous London wrestlers, he won 1910 the World Heavyweight Championship. He defeated world champions such as Stanislaus Zbyszko and Frank Gotch.

Gama won many championships over his career, including the Indian editions in 1910 of the World Heavyweight Championship and 1927 of the World Wrestling Championship, for which he was nicknamed “Tiger.”

Gama Pehlwan Wife

Famous Indian wrestler Wazeer Begum was twice married. Wazeer Begum was the most recent and one more. He had nine children during his marriage: four daughters and five boys.

Kalsoom Nawaz, Nawaz Sherif’s wife, is the granddaughter of the late wrestler. Jhara Pehalwan, Kalsoom’s sister and Gama Pehlwan’s granddaughter, is married to Saira Bano.

Gama Pehlwan Son

Aslam Pahalwan was the child of a well-known Indian wrestler. He was a Pakistani professional wrestler and the World Heavyweight Champion in pro wrestling. He continues to carry on the legacy of his father.

In 1910, became the World Champion

Gama was a legend in wrestling, with his 52-year-old career being unbeaten. Rivals lasted less than one minute before Gama. Gama soon earned invitations to international events. The 110kg wrestler was victorious on the most prestigious stages in London.

gama pehalwan height


The Great Gama had a robust stature with 5′ 8″ height and 110 kg weight. He had black eyes and hair. His body measurements were 46″ chest, 34″ waist, and 22.

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