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Fluenz is an online textbook that has been professionally designed featuring engaging photos to Spanish (both Latin American and European), French, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese.

In Fluenz it is possible to access every chapter and exercise at any level. This access-to-all-content feature lets you to study at your own pace and to peek at higher levels, even if you’ve left some exercises unfinished.

The best part of the textbook-like quality are the intro and concluding videos for each session.

Fluenz Review

Fluenz is designed to have individuals speaking their preferred language and comprehending the language in a practical way and quickly. This is why the first classes include things like ordering at the restaurant, talking to taxi drivers, buying items, customs and other small conversations that can be helpful for getting through.

But gaining confidence in speaking and comprehending the language in a situation where you don’t have many acquaintances who can speak the language be difficult. If you’re new to Fluenz I highly suggest three tips to make the practice to stick (fair caution, this could definitely make your practice take longer, but I believe it’s worthwhile):

In every class, say out loud the words you’re using or responding in the language you’re learning. The language I’ve spent the most time studying has been German as well. For me it’s a language that frequently binds my tongue. But the more I work through classes, I’ve noticed that less of often this occurs since I’ve become at ease speaking it and transferring words like the speaking native German speakers would. I’ve received quite a few feedback on my pronunciations, accent and using when talking in German which is great feedback considering that I only started very long ago.

The “Repeat phrases” lesson , you will see the type of text particularly towards the end of your lesson. You can, however skip the text on the left side and simply press Play so that you can listen to what they’re saying, and try to understand it prior to taking the time to read it. The purpose of this lesson is to help you comprehend German through listening to it as when you speak with an individual live, you won’t be able to read the floating German subtitles to read. The final lesson of the session will include a variety of more intricate and useful phrases which you’ve probably not heard or seen in the previous lessons. It’s a fantastic method to improve your ability to understand the language you’d like to master. This helps make the “write the words you hear” type of lesson simple.

“Match with Phrases” The lesson allows you to pull the phrase you want to use from your language and match it with the English translation of the same phrase. Instead of doing it in a basic manner you can try translating your language to an English phrase and then matching it reversed. This will force you to study how to create phrases on your own and determine if you’re on the right track by examining the foreign language terms (I haven’t found any lessons that require you to do this in the beginning). When speaking to someone face-to-face We can’t choose the words we want to use from a list of words We have to create the words in our own way, this method requires you to learn to be able to do this.

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Fluenz is a fantastic program for those seeking something more robust than options available currently. It’s not without its technological glitches However, it’s still among the most complete tools to learn a foreign language available today. It’s still designed for travelers and tourists and if you’re searching for something that will aid you in becoming fluent in a foreign language, this isn’t the program for you. It’s expensive but if you’re willing to endure the issues with the software the program is still an excellent software.


The program you choose to follow is dependent on the specific one you select to follow There are two to five levels of study which include thirty lessons for each level. The lessons are similar to the atmosphere of a classroom and are led by a teacher. While the school-like atmosphere might not be suitable for all students, I believe that it helps the student to be motivated and inspired to continue into the next lesson.

The variety of exercises is refreshing and offers the learner an enjoyable break from monotonous routines they could have been forced to do at school. The multimedia element of this course allows learners more control over their learning but there’s not the option to choose here to know which type of learning best suits your needs and you want to concentrate on the skills you have.

However, the videos are among the most clear I’ve seen and the majority of people I have spoken to who have tried this program either like the instructor (Sonia Gil) or dislike her, with the focus being on the latter. This kind of direct instruction education, coupled with more realistic games than you can encounter in other places, e.g. the game where you attempt to write the words you hear. It is the most concentrated method to learn, rather than being dependent on cartoons and flashy games that really don’t impart any knowledge.

The best aspect of Fluenz is it doesn’t limit the user to a single degree of study. It allows you to skip ahead in case you’re following the course well, and you can skip ahead if you’re doing it. One one of the issues I encountered in other software is that you’re not allowed to skip ahead after you’ve completed a particular section. This is great in theory, but when the program is malfunctioning and you’re sure you’re on the right track It can be irritating to be waiting for one level.

This is a good option, even while it does not preserve your progress, and you’ll have to go through each lesson until you get to the lesson that you want it is possible to jump into any section that is appealing to you. Furthermore, the way you navigate the lessons is only in one direction – forward! If you don’t get your lesson, you’ll need to start from scratch to look for the missing section.


Here’s the deal. With all the great software and new methods of learning, it is reasonable to think Fluenz to be a complete success. The very top of the line of the market for learning languages Fluenz is among the most expensive options you can purchase and, quite rightly at hundreds of dollars, you’d think that the software would be top-quality and the program to be top-quality.


While it’s a elegant program and among the few applications of this type that is clearly designed to be more suitable for usage on Macs Mac than on a PC, Fluenz does not, as its name implies, make you fluent in the you choose to learn.

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