Tips For Long Lasting Eyelash Extensions

Do you want to use your skills as a lash-extension tech? We love to laugh but we also know how important it is to maintain your eyelash extensions and prolong their life. It’s not surprising that taking good care of your lashes will help you get the best out of your fluttery friends. We’re going to share 5 proven ways to prolong the life of your eyelash extensions.

Everyone loves gorgeous eyelashes. A beautiful set of lashes can make anyone feel great. It is your responsibility as a lash technician to make sure that clients have beautiful lashes. These tips can be passed on to clients if you are a lash extension tech.

Learn some tips and tricks before you sign up for an online lash class. These tips will ensure your clients have an enjoyable experience and lasting extensions.


Our oil-free, alcohol-free eyelash foaming cleaner is specifically designed for lash extension.

Use your fingertips or a lash brush to gently massage cleanser into your eyelashes.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water until all makeup and cleanser are gone.

Avoid contact with water or steam

Your clients should be reminded that moisture contact is not a good idea. It is crucial to protect lash extensions from steam and water, particularly in the first two days after application.

It can take up to 48 hours for the lash extension glue to fully dry. The extensions can take up to 48 hours to dry completely. The bond can be damaged by steam or water, so extensions might fall off sooner than anticipated.

Avoid oil-based products

Your client will appreciate the tip of choosing water-based products instead of oil-based ones. This is because oil can cause glue to be less strong. It is always a good idea to have some recommendations for water-based products to assist your clients.

Keep Extensions Clean Regularly

Make sure to inform your clients about the importance of cleaning their extensions regularly. Properly maintained eyelash extensions will last longer. Keep these tips in mind when you are a lash extension technician. The cleanser should gently clean the lashes, without damaging their connection to natural lashes.

Make sure you use the right eyeliner

Eyeliners are an essential makeup product that every client needs. Eyeliners are not meant to be used after lash extensions have been done. This misconception is due to the fact that oil-based eyeliners are most common.

Some eyeliners are designed to be worn with lash extensions. Let your clients know that you can still make it look effortless with the right eyeliner.

Avoid oil-based makeup removers

Most makeup removers contain high levels of oil. Oil glides easily over the skin and gives you the best results. These makeup removers can damage extensions and weaken their bond.

To make a great recommendation to your clients, research the best oil-free mascara removers.

Comb Lash Extensions

Remind your clients to comb their lashes regularly, at least once a day. They might forget to comb their lashes if they have extensions.

You can remind them to brush their extensions after every shower. It is possible for lashes to stick together if they are wet.

Wrapping up

It is important that businesses add a personal touch every interaction with clients, given the fierce competition in this market. Personalization is key to distinguishing yourself from the rest. Personal recommendations and the best maintenance tips can be very helpful. This will let your client know that you only want the best for them.

You should also do your research about the best products available in this area. This will allow you to make personalised recommendations for your clients.

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