Enhance your style statement with the elegant and Exotic Leather Wallets

The leather wallets are made of different types of leather varieties. Most of the leather products you come across are made of cow hide as it is the most common leather variety. But if you are looking for fashionable stuff then you have other varieties which are made from alligator’s skin, crocodiles etc. That is why they are called as exotic leather stuff. From bags to wallets, shoes etc countless products are designed from it.

The Exotic Leather Wallets prove to be one of the finest choices for people who want something new and stylish. It is one of the luxurious things and that is why loved by many. If you too are fond of having something that is unique and wonderful then exotic leather should be your first choice.

There is a lot that you should be aware of when buying the exotic leather. So here is a simple guide that will help you in every possible way.

What is exotic leather?

Before going deep into the topic it is very necessary to understand what exotic leather is. As the word indicates exotic leather is derived from other animals like pythons, sharks, crocodiles etc. The prices are different for varied leather skin and that is why it is your choice which variety would you like to choose. The exotic leather not only looks trendy but modish too.

Let us now look into the various leather varieties which are considered to be exotic.


1. Crocodile leather

This is one of the famous varieties of all. A lot of people wish to have wallets made from crocodile skin because it is hard and has elegant patterns to go for. State of the art craftsmanship is needed to create these pieces and that is why it becomes a little difficult to find this variety. The price range is also quite high as getting crocodile skin is becoming tougher day by day. You can go for some very reputed brands like Hermes which deal with such varieties. You can easily get your wallets or other leather goods here.

2. Salmon leather

The very first type of exotic leather that you will find is the salmon leather. It looks really stunning because it has a design of the fish scales. If you are looking for high durability then this is the best suited variety for the leather lovers. Its looks is just superb and the color range is also pretty good thereby helping you to make a suitable choice. The best part of this variety is that it is eco-friendly, so you contribute a little towards nature as well.

3.  Shagreen leather

The next type that you will come across is the shagreen leather. Its most unique feature is the look which gives you a textured feel. It is because this leather has small bumps and that is why you get a distinct feel. The luxury look is something that grabs the attention of the buyers and so it is quite a popular choice of the fashion lovers.

4. Dork Whalet leather 

Another variety for Exotic Leather Wallets is the dork whalet. As the name indicates this variety is derived from whale skin and is known for its appearance and uniqueness. The skin is not the same everywhere and that is why it adds that exotic touch to the wallets. The beautiful shades of it are lovely and you can easily add a style statement to your personality with this great selection. It is quite an expensive variety.

5. Elephant leather

Then you have the elephant leather which too is used in making a variety of leather goods. The skin of the African elephants is used for making the products. As the wallets are quite smooth and soft to hold so the skin of the ears is used for the same. Special efforts are made to prepare products as it is tough to get original skin and there is a lot of duplicity in the market.

Yoder is one of the renowned companies which deal with products made from elephant skin. If you are interested you can connect with this brand and purchased some wonderful stuff from them. You will surely be happy with the quality you get and the price range of the leather products.

6.Ostrich leather

There are few leather products which are made from the skin of birds too. Ostrich leather is one of them which is highly preferred for exotic leather products. If you are looking for brilliant finish then this is the right variety to opt for. The small bumps on its skin gives a layered texture to the products and add to the durability too. But all this requires a lot of expertise and therefore the starting price range of Ostrich leather is around $100. Most of the products will go beyond this range but you will get some exceptional products and varieties.

There are few top brands which specialize in this leather. So if you wish to have one of the products, you can get in touch with those brands and add something new to your collection. Customised leather wallets too are availble which serve as good gifting options.

Where to buy exotic leather?

Once you are familiar with the different exotic leather varieties, the next is to choose the right place to buy the same. The right thing is to walk into shops which have great leather stuff. It is because you can feel the leather, see whether it is genuine or not and even make the correct choice. So never go online for shopping exotic leather as it becomes difficult to check out the quality. So a wise option is to avail the offline option which is much better.

The local shops can help you in the right way as they have some brilliant choices open before you. In this way you will be able to find the leather stuff which is high in quality, great in price range, beautifully designed and apt for your needs. Hope this guide proves beneficial in choosing the best exotic leather goods for yourself.

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