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Relax and enjoy this hilarious children’s book about a squirrel called Dee and his friends who love for his huge nuts. Every page will leave your laughing, and you’ll go crazy! It may appear like a typical book for children, however, once you open the book you’ll be able to enjoy the some references only grown-ups be able to comprehend. Dee’s Big Nuts is an ideal present for weddings, birthdays, anniversary showers, wedding presents and housewarming presents, or simply the perfect present that will make your family member or friend laugh in laughter.


Since deez nuts are symbolic, it is able to be used by anyone of any age.

Deez nuts are typically used in real-life conversations to create tension and on the internet, it’s typically employed for making fun of a serious discussion on forums or social media. Also, it can be employed as a slur in the face of perceived disrespect, when a person expresses anger at someone else’s behaviour by instructing them to perform diverse sexual acts with deez nuts.

Deez nuts have become an online trend. In addition, deez nuts are frequently used in prank calls as well as in Prank videos to refer of each of Dr. Dre’s first track and the video of WendelDaGreat.

Since the summer of 2015 we were officially appointed as the provider to Deez Nuts. Simpler times! Deez Nuts came out of the blue to win the race and America was thrilled. However, now the Trump administration’s FEC is putting Deez Nuts on its radar. Not Deez Nuts!!! Let’s face it: we knew that it was just a matter of the moment before Trump attempted to take Deez Nuts.

While it was true that the first Dr. Dre hit song was referenced in a variety of ways for years, use of the song’s lyrics grew in 2015, when Instagram user Welven  DaGreat uploaded the video of him making the same joke in front of a close friend over the phone. The video made WelvenDaGreat’s profile into a sensation on the internet.

The “semi-official” Deez Nuts shirt is now online, although the proceeds might not need to be donated towards the Deez Nuts Defense Fund!


“Dee’s Big Nuts is a parody of a children’s story by writer Mark Thunder that uses double entendres that adults only need to know to tell the tale of a squirrel with two large nuts. One of them is broken by an female squirrel. The book was first published in the year 2015. The story’s readings began becoming popular via social media around 2021 and memes that reference the story and responses to the story. The name is a play on the joke that is used in conversation, deez nuts.

The story is told in the form of a children’s book however it is a parody intended for adults. It uses double entendres to tell the story about a squirrel called Dee who carries two large nuts in a bag. A female squirrel who loves to place all the nuts of squirrels in her mouth rips off one of Dee’s nuts doing so and discovers that she must treat nuts with respect. On the 11th of August the year Funny Girl on YouTube Funny Girl posted a reading of the digital version the book. It gained more than 113,000 views in just 6 years (shown beneath).

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