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Wisconsin Volleyball superstar Danielle Hart is a creative at heart. Since she started a business last October, to sell her art which she then was in a position to show it to her fans at the beginning of July.

After a 17-hour journey from her home town from Virginia Beach, Va. to her college campus in Madison, Wis., Danielle Hart started brainstorming business ideas. Hart was raised by her family and friends who were entrepreneurs. She had never imagined herself working at a desk from 9 to 5. Her love of digital media, art and web design seemed to make perfect sense.

“I have fun with the art itself, but I also am super into web development, web design, graphic design, marketing, social media, digital media,” she stated. “All of these pieces are put together, and they’re all things that I am passionate about. I am excited about the possibilities and doors that are opened and the joy I receive from my clients and clients. It’s a constant source of energy. It’s for me like that it’s work, but it doesn’t feel like work.”

It’s also effortless for her to devote time creating her own art-related business.

“As it pertains to managing my time is concerned, for me I’d rather do the things which are more satisfying rather than sitting and watching television and other things. When I get home at the close of the day following training, these are my priorities.”


Danielle Hart, the artist who is also a traveler and a major middle blocker, lives one of the classic silver-lining stories.

Rewind to the beginning of the 2021 season one where Wisconsin went on to be victorious in the NCAA championship. Hart who is 6-foot-4 was a native from Virginia Beach, Virginia, could not have had an even better beginning to the season. She scored 19 kills in the first six games and was hitting .427 as well as had 20 blocks.

In the practice on September 14 she injured her right ACL , and went down to the team for the remainder of the season. She could only cheer on the sidelines while her teammates took the win.

The silver lining.

Hart has been elevated to an executive position without her former classmates who are more famous as she tries to resume her career in the same place it ended in the fall of.

She is no longer a shadow over All-Americans such as Dana Rettke, Sydney Hilley and Lauren Barnes, she is an instructor for the next generation Badgers in their quest to build on last year’s successes.

“She’s out of the shadows,” coach Kelly Sheffield said. “Everybody here in this program knows how important of a player she’s been, but I think some others are going to be able to see how important she is.”

Hart has been an active player for the Badgers Hart, who are enjoying an impressive 16-match winning streak which leaves them in only the top spot on the Big Ten with two matches remaining. They’re tough, certainly, when they play at No. 5 Nebraska on Friday and at No. 8 Ohio State on Saturday.

When Sheffield turns to Hart and now sees an athlete who has taken over the place she was left but has also picked up where she left at.

“If you just disappeared and went on vacation for a year and came back you wouldn’t know that she had major knee surgery,” Sheffield explained. “She’s put in a lot of effort. I believe that it was important to her, not just to play, but to be able to complete everything she’s capable of and improve.


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The goal for in this year’s season was the season bring Hart up slowly, slowly expanding her play time. This was the case through the first week of games, when she played one set with TCU in addition to Baylor. Since then, she’s been an permanent fixture on the team, though the amount of time she spends in practice is watched closely , and her jumping abilities are minimal. Hart has 150 kills and an average of 1.83/set on the team which boasts amazing offensive players such as Sarah Franklin (327 kills), Julia Orzol (249) and Devyn Robinson (230).

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