Concrete Ceiling Leak Repair

At some point during the lifespan of a house, it will surely have experienced the occurrence of a leakage. According to experts, ceiling leaks are among the most frequent issues homeowners could face. If a leak in the home is not addressed, it could result in more damage over time, so it is important to deal with it immediately.

Letting your leakage problem get worse could lead to further problems if you don’t address it. In addition, this could impact a home’s strength and worth in the end. So, it’s crucial to understand the most common causes of leaks in the ceiling to either solve the issue on own or understand that only professionals can resolve the problem so one should be aware of the best time to call an expert to fix the problem.

It is crucial that a thorough diagnosis is made. One must determine what’s the source of the leak so that the root cause can be identified and addressed immediately.

Leaking Plumbing System

If the plumbing in your home is failing and is not functioning properly, it could mean that your drains and joints may be affected. It could also cause problems for your home’s ceilings and walls. So, you need to hire an expert plumber to repair the issue or hire an expert contractor who specializes in repair of ceiling leaks.

Roof Leakage

If you are only noticing leaks on the top of your ceiling just when it rains, it’s likely that your roof is not functioning properly and causing the leak. If you observe that the water coming through the ceiling is filthy and soiled, the likelihood of the leak emanating from your roof is very high.

Attic Leakage

A roof can be a source for water leaks since it’s located above an apartment. If it’s leaky and accumulating water, it can be a source of water inside the ceiling. This is directly connected to the roof and it is essential to hire an expert to make an accurate assessment for you to determine the source of the issue can be identified.

In the end, if the leak isn’t immediately addressed and is not addressed promptly, it can cause more damages to structural integrity to your house. If you aren’t capable of resolving the problem on the own, they should engage a professional waterproofing company to make a precise assessment of the present situation and resolve the root problem so it is possible that the integrity the building can be maintained.

How to Stop Water Leakage From Concrete Roof

Concrete roofs are vulnerable to water leaks due to cracks and scales that have formed inside them as they age. Despite this drawback it is widely used for construction since its benefits outweigh the cons. It’s resistant to water and fire as well as cost-effective. It is long-lasting. With a little maintenance will ensure that the concrete roofing is solid and secure.

Here’s what you should do if there is water leakage on your roof made of concrete:


There are many ways to protect the roof surface. The entire repair of a concrete roof should be completed with waterproofing of the the entire roof surface regardless of where leaks are discovered.

Methods for waterproofing concrete roofs include:

The application of elastomeric sealants

Application of coal Tar layer

Installing waterproofing tiles and a marble slabs using water seal joints

Applying membranes or waterproofing layers

The image below illustrates the typical cross-sectional view of a concrete roof that has the proper sealants and waterproofing.

concrete ceiling leak repair

The cracks in concrete roofs can be filled using mortar or roof cement followed by a roof primer. Once dried, an elastomeric sealant can be applied over the cracks, holes, corners and other damaged areas. A second coat is advised to reinforce the sealant.

In the end, we do not just must stop leaks from concrete however, we must also stop it from happening over and over. This can only be achieved through proper and frequent maintenance of the roof. A minimum of twice a year is enough. It is recommended to have work with a commercial roofing company to observe and analyze the concrete roofing structure. It can provide solutions to any problems with leakage from the concrete roof.

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