How to Choose Eyeglasses


What are the ideal frames for glasses for your child? What are the different types of frames for kids’ eyes and how can you select the most appropriate frames? In this guide to choosing frames for kids’ glasses we’ll assist you in determining exactly what to look for when buying frames for children to make the best choice possible. If your child is the preschool or is in high school We’ve got your back!

Identify your face shape

Identifying your face shape is a good place to start when it comes to learning how to select frames. The secret to finding the perfect frames is choosing a pair that best suits your face shape. In order to find your face shape, trace your face on a mirror using a dry-erase marker. Once you know your face shape, you will know how to select your frames.

For every face shape, there are complementary frames that can help balance your look. Certain frames can accentuate or even slim certain features. If you have an oval-shaped face, good news, you will look amazing in most frames.


Glasses frames are available in many sizes and shapes, so there’s an option for all faces and budgets. It’s important to select glasses that match your facial characteristics (and isn’t too sexy). If you have a narrow face opt for bigger frames to complement your face shape. Round or square glasses are best for larger faces. If you’re looking for glasses that are playful and flirty, look for glasses with cat-eye or heart-shaped lenses. For more information on selecting glasses for girls’ read our guide to purchasing glasses on the internet. Whatever frame you select make sure to have them fitted with an optical specialist. Small modifications can create a huge difference! An unbiased guide to choosing glasses frames for girls’

Vooglam is a top Online Optical Store for Glasses Frames for girls’ & Boys Glasses frames are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes, meaning that there’s a style to suit any face and for every budget. The trick is to select glasses that match your facial characteristics (and does not look ridiculous). If your cheeks are narrow opt for bigger frames that complement your face shape. Round or square glasses are ideal for wider faces. If you’re looking for glasses that are playful and flirty, consider glasses with cat-eye or heart-shaped lenses. For more advice on picking glasses for girls’ look at our guide on buying glasses on the internet. Whatever frame you pick make sure to have them fitted through an optometrist. Even minor changes can mean a huge difference!

Boy’s Glasses

Remember that boys’ glasses frames are larger than the frames for girls. Find a frame to be a good fit for your child’s face and head, taking into consideration aspects like hairline and cheekbones. Also, boy’s frames are less brittle. bridge, the metal piece that is placed across the lens that connects to the nose pieces. They are also more likely to fall off during games or performing other physical actions. If you are planning to purchase frame glasses for your child be sure to keep these points in your mind. Additionally, some kids may prefer wearing glasses for a long time (or at the very least, for a large portion of the time) This is why it may be worthwhile investing in fashionable frames that are durable and stylish. These kinds of glasses are able to endure through the many years of rapid growth! Children grow around 3 inches every year until they reach puberty therefore, make sure that your glasses don’t feel too tight or loose after a couple of months.

Glasses frames for girls

It’s equally important to choose glasses frames that are in line with your daughter’s style and personality. For instance girls who are fond of pink should choose glasses with pink frames, even in the event that they like black clothes! Keep in mind that glasses are an excellent way to add some style to the look without investing lots of money on accessories or jewelry. If you are having trouble finding glasses that match your daughter’s face shape and head size, you might want to consider purchasing two frames for glasses with different sizes, and ask her which one she would prefer. Ask her to test both at home , and then decide which one she is more comfortable in. Then, you can return the pair isn’t working for you.

Glasses for Unisex

If you’re in the market for frames that fit well with both girls and boys opt for unisex frames. These types tend to be more sleek and less fashionable than their counterparts. This means your child can get years of enjoyment from these frames before they need to be replaced. In addition, many of the unisex styles are made without the temples (the arms that rest on the opposite side of the head of a child) and are susceptible to breaking, particularly in infants. Instead, choose frames that have earpieces. they are less likely to break and often be repaired for less cost.

If you’re looking for something simple and stylish, think about tortoiseshell frames for your glasses. Tortoiseshell is a popular choice for adults who prefer glasses that go with everything but aren’t overly extravagant or trendy. It is equally suitable for children. It’s also a great option if your child suffers from an issue with their skin such as eczema because it doesn’t cause any arousal of signs as other materials might. Tortoiseshell glasses are available that are available in girls-only or unisex designs at Vooglam. The company has a wide selection of frames for glasses for children priced at an affordable cost! They also provide free shipping on orders that are suitable and affordable with a 365-day refund policy on all purchases. In addition, you’ll get the option of a free lens cleaner when you place every purchase to keep your children’s glasses (and your precious eyes) free of scratches and dirt.


Which glasses suit triangle-shaped faces?

Glasses for triangle faces

Triangle face shapes have a wide, square jawline but unlike square faces, they usually have a narrow forehead. If you think you have a triangle face shape, our range of styles is ideal for bringing out your best features and maximizing your look to its full potential.

Wider frames are a good bet for triangle face shapes, as they help the top of your face look broader. To add width to a narrow forehead, try frames that are heavily accented with color and details on the top. That’ll work nicely with the lower third of your face to add balance to your look.

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