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Antje Traue Boi 

Name Antje Traue
Born 18/01/1981 (Mittweida, Bezirk Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany)
Occupation Actress
Years active 1997–present
Height 1.69 m ( 5 Feet 6 inche )
Age 40 (years)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown

German model Antje Traue is a part of an impressive Filmography. Through her filmmaking experience in her home country of Germany she slowly entered the film market , and soon began appearing in film industry’s box-office Hollywood tapes, bringing her career to the next level. In the past, she was a star in TV and film shows getting major and minor roles in the shows and films.

Antje was born the 18th of January 1981 in Saxon Mietweida situated inside East Germany. When she was a kid she moved around often, shifting towns and even schools. Her childhood was spent in the city of Gent in which she and her mother landed at the age of two and stayed until age nine years old, before moving to Berlin. The next home was Munich in Germany, in which Traue was able to settle in the year 1995. Antje Traue is 43 years old and 5 feet 6inches tall (1.69 meters).

The girl lived in the house alongside her mom and sister. The mother was determined to protect her daughters from the harmful influences of popular culture as they didn’t watch television. Antje began to train in ballet and gymnastics, going to gym three times per week and on weekends, participating in competitions. The talented girl was noticed by Scouts of the International Munich Art Laboratory, where she began her studies in the age group of sixteen. The acting skills she learned through the school’s performances proved beneficial.

In the next few months, Traue got the role of Vivien in the hip-hop musical West End Opera, with whom she toured around Europe and even toured America. United States for 4 years. Because of the hectic performing schedule that this young German woman was required to drop out of school and receive the diploma of a high school when she was 25. In 2002, she moved to Berlin in Germany, where she completed her acting training and initial film appearances. In 2002 her mother passed away and her loss Antje was deeply grieving.

Antje Traue Personal life

The fans can learn more about the actress’s life on Instagram and it is constantly refreshed with new pictures. There are selfies, photos with friends and family members, as well as photos of her in a swimsuit. They show an athletic, slim figure of an actress who weighs 56 kilograms and a height of 169 centimeters.

Antje Traue Career

The acting career of a German woman started out not so easy. The actress was not allowed to play lead roles due to her lack of recognition, and for smaller roles, she was deemed too attractive. However, in 2000, she was hired for her first film role in the TV movie Verlorene Kinder. Throughout the next 10 years Traue made appearances on a regular basis throughout German cinema.

The year 2009 was the time Antje was able to experience her first overseas experience when she played Nadia in the British-German science fiction thriller Pandorum in which famous actors such as Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid were cast as partners on the set.

Even though the character was the most important one, and the actress looked attractive and convincing on screen, requests to shoot were scarce. After having starred in films such as “5 Days in August” and “The Last Testament of Nobel”, Traue generally thought she should quit the film industry and enter the field of medical practice. She was interviewed and confessed that she worked in call centers and restaurants to pay the rent. In 2013 the same year, a German woman was lucky enough to win a ticket and was offered the character of Faora Hu-Ul from the film Man of Steel.

In the film that was dedicated to Superman who was played by Henry Cavill , Antje embodied the supervillain, who was the friend of Zod who was the Kryptonian antagonist for Clark Kent. Antje was an extraordinary strength, speed, and endurance, which allowed the character to bend and bend metal, climb the heights of tall buildings in one leap and dodge a flying bullet.

Prior to filming “Man of Steel” Antje went eating well and working intensely, focusing on fighting techniques. Experience gained from gymnastics in the early years helped her learn new abilities.

This film showcased the impressive and powerful actress, and allowed her to explore different genres. In her filmography were three films “The Seventh Son”, “The Woman in Gold”, “Berlin Residency”.

In the year 2016, Traue starred in the Canadian-Canadian melodrama about a British detective Despite the Falling Snow, in which Rebecca Ferguson became a partner on the film. Filming in Hollywood brought Antje more sought-after in her home. In the TV series “The Valley” and “Berlin Residence” Antje was nominated to the German Television Awards.

Antje Traue Net Worth

Antje Traue Net worth and earnings: Antje Traue is a movie Actress with an estimated net worth of $3 million. Antje Traue was born the 18th of January 1981. A native of East Germany, she was a star in the science-fiction film Pandorum. The film also praised her for her performance on Man of Steel and The Seventh Son. Read More….


Leben und Karriere

Traue begann ihre Karriere als Theaterschauspielerin.
2009 spielte sie ihre erste Hauptrolle in dem Film Pandorum.
2013 wurde sie durch ihre Rolle als Faora-Ul im Film Man of Steel bekannt.
Seitdem hat sie in zahlreichen weiteren Filmen und Fernsehserien mitgewirkt, darunter Seventh Son, Woman in Gold, Criminal und Dark.
Traue lebt in Berlin.

Filmografie (Auswahl)

2009: Pandorum
2011: 5 Days of War
2012: Das Testament des Nobel
2013: Man of Steel
2014: Seventh Son
2015: Woman in Gold
2016: Criminal
2017: Dark (Fernsehserie)
2018: Ballon
2020: Tatort: Die Zeit ist gekommen
2021: Free Guy
2023: The Flash


2010: Jupiter Award als beste Nachwuchsdarstellerin für Pandorum
2014: Saturn Award als beste Nebendarstellerin für Man of Steel

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