Anna Tatangelo Height, Age, Bio, Filmography Net-Worth

Name Anna Tatangelo
Born 9 January 1987 Sora, (Italy)
Height 1.73 m  (5.67 feet)
Age 34 ( Years)
Children Andrea D’Alessio
Years active 2002–present
Occupation Pop singer and Television
Nationality Italy
Hair color Brown

Anna Tatangelo is a famous Pop Singer, who was born on the 9th of January 1987, in Italy. Italian pop star who was awarded the Sanremo Music Festival Newcomer’s Award at the age 15 for her music that is full of personal themes. According to Astrologers Anna Tatangelo’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Anna Tatangelo Boi:-

According to her Popular Bio, She is one of the most popular Pop Singer. She is on the list of the most famous people born on the 9th of January 1987. She is among those who are the Richest Pop Singer who was born in Italy. It also ranks in the top ten list of the Most well-known Pop Singer. Anna Tatangelo is 1 of the most famous individuals on our database at the age of 32 old.She was a participant at Sanremo Music Festival six times. Sanremo Music Festival six times in the span of 10 years she won the 2002 edition with her song “Doppiamente fragile” and getting onto the podium three more times, including in 2005 when she was ranked third within the group “Women” with “Ragazza di periferia” In 2006, it came third overall, and the first place in the category of women by performing “Essere una donna”

Anna Tatangelo Personal Life:-

Anna Tatangelo is gifted with natural leadership skills and the ability to amass wealth. She is an exceptional talent in management across all walks of life, particularly in financial and business matters where she helps to achieve to the larger vision, mission and long-term objectives. Anna is an expert in the world of material and intuitively recognizes what makes any company perform. Finance, business property, law and science (particularly archeology, history and Physics) Publishing, and the administration of big institutions is some of the professions that appeal to Anna the best. Anna is naturally drawn to posts of leadership and influence as well as politics, teaching, and social work are just a few of the other fields where her skills are able to shine.

Anna’s biggest challenge in life is to realize that power and influence should be utilized for the benefit of the entire world not for personal benefit. In the absence of this, Anna Tatangelo is bound to be a victim of her greed and take the possibility of losing everything. Tatangelo must also be able how to rebound from mistakes and defeats. Like many of the greatest dreamers, Tatangelo can be reckless because she isn’t paying attention to the smallest details. Therefore, it’s not unheard of for this type of person to suffer major setbacks which include bankruptcies and financial loss. Anna Tatangelo, however, has the ability and determination to earn over a million dollars and to create a number of successful businesses.

Anna Tatangelo Net Worth:-

Anna Tatangelo net worth and salary: Anna Tatangelo is a Pop Singer who has a net worth of $8 million. Anna Tatangelo was born in January 9th 1987. Italian pop star who won the Sanremo Music Festival Newcomer’s Award at the age 15 for her songs, which include a wide range of personal issues. Read More…

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