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Anastasia Kvitko Personal Details

Name Anastasia Kvitko
Born November 25, 1994, Kaliningrad, Russia
Age 27 Years
Height 1.75cm 5 feet and 9 inches.
Occupation Glamour model Entrepreneur
Nationality Russia
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $5 Million (approx in 2022) 
Weight 85 Kg
Boyfriend Arseny  Sharov
School Not Know

Anastasia Kvitko, born November 25, 1994, is a Russian model and entrepreneur. After starting her modeling career in Miami, she moved to Los Angeles to continue full-time modeling. Her curvy physique is well-known. Here’s her biography and wiki.

Anastasia Kvitko was raised in Kaliningrad (Russia) and was born there. In her late teens, she moved to the United States and began modeling and fashion. She initially moved to Miami to become a model. After a short time in Miami, she moved to Los Angeles where she pursued modeling full-time. After being rejected by many modeling agencies, her curves became her signature.

Anastasia Kvitko, a young Russian model, is making waves on social media platforms like Instagram. She was born in Kaliningrad, Russia and later moved to Florida to perfect her modeling skills.

About her siblings, parents, and family

Anastasia Kvitko, a Russian model and social media personality, has been featured in many magazines. She was born in Russia and moved to Miami as a teenager to pursue modeling. Her parents are businessmen. She has a Russian sister. For now, she has kept her private life secret. You can still count on her to do a few photo shoots.

Anastasia Kvitko Professional Life

She is an avid fitness fan and has a great eye for fashion. Anastasia Kvitko loves Russian food and white clothing. She enjoys watching movies by Yanina Sloudilina and Thomas Kretschmann. She avoids junk food and meat, and has a large collection of diamond jewelry as well as Rolex watches.

Is Anastasia a Married Woman?

Anastasia Kvitko is single, despite not speaking out about her private life. She had a long-lasting relationship with Timati, a prominent Russian rapper. After her split, Kvitko moved to Miami and now shares a lovely home in Florida with Timati. Kvitko is active on social media with more than 12.2 million Instagram followers, and over 125k Facebook fans.

Anastasia Kvitko’s Net Worth

Anastasia Kvitko, a well-known social media personality and model, has made her U.S. debut. She has a net worth in excess of $5 million USD. She has a lot of modeling income, as she regularly shows off her impressive figure. Her Instagram account has 12.2 million followers.

Anastasia Kvitko Nude

Anastasia Kvitko Nude onlyfans Leaked Porn Videos And Photos. Anastasia Kvitko, a Russian glamour model and Instagrammer.

Anastasia Kvitko has a bachelor’s in fashion design. Anastasia Dawson was only out of high school when she first became aware of her. She was offered modeling jobs in Russia, and she applied to major modeling agencies. After being rejected, she was hired as a model for several commercials, including GS Loves Me, Revolution of Fierce and Epl Diamond. Anastasia is a beautiful model and has a psychology degree.

Anastasia Kvitko graduated from high school and signed with “New Stars”, a modeling agency. The agency offered her weight loss and ended the contract. Anastasia stated that she would be willing to take any test to confirm her natural growth during the video conference. In 2016, she was named Eliya Cioccolato’s face.


She also has a YouTube channel

Russian glamour model Anastasia Kvitko and entrepreneur are well-known. She was born in Kaliningrad in Russia. After completing her education, she moved to Miami, Florida in her teens. Kvitko, who is currently 25 years old, is one of the most recognizable YouTube stars. Kvitko, who is also the owner of a YouTube channel, has uploaded a variety of videos, tutorials and vlogs about her life.

Anastasia Kvitko, a tall, sexy lady of 5′ 9″‘ is Anastasia Kvitko. Her body measurements are 34-24 and 42 inches. A 34B bra is what she wears, which means she doesn’t have a large wig. Anastasia is a keen fitness fan and adheres to a strict diet. Fast food is not something Anastasia eats, as it makes her look less healthy.

Anastasia Kvitko Social Media Activity

Kvitko may not be a household name but she has a large social media following. Kvitko is active on Twitter, Facebook, and is well-known for her body-focused photographs. She has over 325,000 followers and updates her Facebook page every week. Kvitko uses her YouTube channel to promote other brands. Kvitko is an avid advocate for health and fitness and regularly updates her Instagram account with photos of her daily workouts.

She has never had plastic surgery.

Anastasia Kvitko, a Russian actress and model, has not had any type of plastic surgery. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t able to show a side of her personality. Although she is very private about her life, she keeps it close to her heart. However, she does have a boyfriend and loves traveling. She is a vegetarian and only eats organic food.


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Below are some facts information Anastasia Kvitko

* She was born on Born: November 25, 1994, Kaliningrad, Russia 

* Anastasia Kvitko following on Instagram with a fan base of more than 12.4m Followers 

* Anastasia Kvitko Education- Not Know 

* Anastasia Kvitko Height- 1.75m 5 feet and 9 inches. 

* Anastasia Kvitko Net Worth: $5 Million (approx in 2022). 

* Anastasia Kvitko Mother Name – Not Know 

* Anastasia Kvitko Father Name – Not Know

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