Amber Heard Net Worth 2023

Amber Heard Biography

Amber Heard is an eminent actor in Hollywood known for her acting talent and her achievements as a human rights and social activist. Born on the 22nd of April 1986 located in Austin, Texas, she was the first lead actress in the film of horror All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006). Then she continued to appear in films like Pineapple Express (2008), Never Back Down (2008) and The Stepfather (2009). The year 2009 saw her was in a film with Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary and they started dating shortly thereafter.

The career of Heard continued to expand by appearing in films like Machete Kills (2013), Magic Mike XXL (2015) She also appeared in London Fields (2018). She was also in the Oscar-nominated movie North Country (2005), in the role of Charlize Theron’s character , who was featured in flashbacks. The year was 2018. She appeared with Jason Momoa in Aquaman as Mera the queen of Atlantis.

Amber Heard Daughter

Amber Heard is the mother of one daughter, Oonagh Paige, who was born in April 2021. Heard was able to have her daughter via surrogacy and is now a single parent. Her daughter’s name is in honor of her deceased mother Paige Heard. Heard made reference to her daughter in Johnny Depp’s trial for defamation. She has posted pictures from her child on various social networks and said that she is the “mini me.” She has also spoken about being full-time mother after the trial was over and hopes the trial would “mean something” to her daughter in the future. Oonagh frequently joins Heard during her outings and also as her workout partner.

Early Life

Amber Laura Heard was born on the 22nd April of 1986, in Austin, Texas. Born in the middle of Texas with a sibling, Heard was a horse rider in her youth or hunting and fishing. While she went to Catholic secondary school, and participated in beauty contests as a teenager but she soon began to lose faith in the religion of her choice as well as the Texan life style that was a part of her. In the end, she quit school at the age of 17 and relocated in New York City. Although she initially worked as models within New York, she shifted her focus to acting and later relocated into Los Angeles.


Amber Heard started her acting career with a string songs in her music videos. She later appeared in TV shows like Jack & Bobby, The Mountain The Mountain, and The O.C. Her first film appearance was in 2004 in the form of Friday Night Lights. The film was a success and helped increase her fame in the world of film. She was then offered performances on Drop Dead Sexy, North Country, Side FX, Price to Pay, You Are Here as well as Alpha Dog. Also, she began to appear on TV shows such as Criminal Minds and Californication.

Amber Heard has shown her amazing acting skills at numerous times which is why she’s received plenty of praise from critics. There’s no doubt that Heard is one of some of the top actresses to be found in Hollywood. However, this isn’t the only area in which Amber Heard is a popular name. Her name is also an well-known human rights activist as she promotes LGBTQ rights and awareness about domestic violence at times.

Awards and Honors

Most awards and honors come with a bag of cash in addition to the trophies and appreciation that stars get on the stage. Even though Amber Heard never won an Academy Award, she still won numerous other prizes. These awards certainly assisted Heard in establishing her bank account and we can say with certainty that the net worth of Amber Heard is the sum of money she earned from these awards.



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Amber Heard Net Worth 2023

According to different sources, by 2023 Amber Heard’s wealth was estimated to be $20 million. This includes earnings due to her professional career in acting, endorsements and business ventures. In addition, Heard has been involved in numerous high-profile legal proceedings as well as separation from the actor Johnny Depp, which may affect her financial situation.

In terms of her personal wealth, Heard has reportedly sold various properties in the past such as a penthouse located at the top of Los Angeles and a farm in Texas. She’s also been seen driving high-end cars, including the Tesla Model S and a Range Rover.

Amber Heard Spouse:

Amber Heard married movie star Johnny Depp in 2015.

Their first encounter was when filming The Rum Diary in 2009.

The couple made public their commitment in 2014, after having been together for five years.

On the 3rd of February, 2015 the couple got married in a private ceremony at the city of Los Angeles.

In May of 2016, Heard filed for divorce and also accused Depp of abuse in their marriage.

Heard that she was awarded $7 million that she gave to charity . She also stated that it wasn’t an issue of money, but about standing up against gender-based violence.

The divorce was concluded in 2017 following much debate because of allegations from both sides of the other party engaging in violent conduct during the marriage time.

In the year 2018, Heard started Dating technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, with whom she has broken up with on multiple occasions, before reuniting within a year in the year 2019 (as as of June 2020).

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