Air Conditioned Shoes to Keep You Cool

I have recently explored this obscure area of technology in on this USB Foot Cooler product from Japan. This was among those odd products that you need to witness to be convinced. It just happens that there’s a more sophisticated version of the shoe cooler. They’re not connected, however they both share the same principle that is keeping the feet cool. These shoes with air conditioning are quite a sight because Japan has the most bizarre products that have ever been invented.

The shoes with air conditioning made by Chiyoda do not come with an air conditioner, but they’ll be able to suffice for now until somebody comes up with how to achieve this. It’s not like a feasible idea however, If there’s an audience for it, why wouldn’t it?

The added airiness comes at a cost that is the possibility of having dirtier shoes (your actual soles this time) due to the holes. It’s also important to be aware in the event of rain, as the water could seep into the holes and then into the shoe itself.

The shoes, which are air-conditioned, are on sale at the Chiyoda on their website. They sell for 7 245 yen (around $78.00). When you come across an item that is geeky like this that you are aware that technology comes with many aspects to it. There’s the serious side as well as the fun side, both of which are equally fascinating to see. Maybe these air-conditioned shoes will not make you geeky but they’ll make you look more cool.

The shoes come with a patent-pending filtering technology that filters out the hot air, and ensure that your shoes are filled with clean and fresh air through a system made of tiny fans.

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