6 Best Places to Travel in Europe


The City of Light is probably the most popular tourist destination in Europe. It attracts millions of tourists every year thanks to its huge art collection, delicious cuisine, and unforgettable ambience. The stunning Seine River is flanked by the ages-old churches, stately museum, Neoclassic architecture, glowing streetlamps and cascading tree.

Additionally it is “A Moveable Feast”, according to Hemingway wrote in the memoir. It is possible to take in a day excursion for a visit to Versailles Palace, take in the view from The Eiffel Tower or go to the Musee d’Orsay. Whatever you choose to do it is certain that you’ll be having plenty of excitement!


A trip to London isn’t enough to take in all that this 2 000-year-old city offers. There is a saying that London offers everything life has to offer and many believe that this is absolutely real. There are many artwork as well as a wealth of history and stunning architectural designs, but also a lot of modern-day activities.

It is crucial to note that you have the option of using an international licence to drive in the UK. This means that you will be able to get to every part of London throughout your stay, without needing to change your transportation every day. In addition, this allows you to enjoy everything London offers, given the size of it.


The city with seven hills, sometimes known as”the “Eternal City”, is an area you must go to if you’re looking for architecture, art, and amazing food. The structures like those of the Roman Forum and Pantheon will be awe-inspiring, while the Vatican Museums will make you go back to examine artworks even if you’re not an avid fan.

Furthermore, Italian fare and gelato are among the main reasons why people keep returning to Rome. The modern city has a lot to offer and you should take advantage of the opportunity to go there when you have the chance.


Barcelona is one of the cities that is utterly bizarre yet authentically historical in the same way. From the numerous cathedrals and architectural wonders to the beach-side nightclubs Barcelona is a magnet for all kinds of people all year. You’ll usually require an entire week to see the city in all its entirety due to the variety of attractions worth visiting.

The city of cosmopolitan appeals to numerous masterpieces by Antoni Gaudi, including the stunning La Sagrada Familia as well as Casa Mila. Furthermore the city is full of nightclubs, restaurants and walking trails.


A city that has everything for everyone, when some people might not be convinced of that. There are cafes that sell herb teas, Red Light District streets and more, but you can also go on walking along the canals or take an outing to shop. There are also plenty of delicious international cuisines and you can have the taste of an Indonesian food before going to the memorial for the Holocaust through the eyes of Anne Frank.

The city can accommodate a wide range of tastes for travelers, it can also be an ideal getaway for a couple. If you’re traveling with children you can be certain that your entire family will have lots of enjoyment.

Edinburgh, Scotland

What’s beautiful that is wonderful about Edinburgh is that it is still retaining its romantic appeal. Edinburgh is an incredible spot to have a tranquil and peaceful holiday. The weather is perfect cool and warm at Edinburgh in July.

Things to do In Edinburgh:

This is the World’s Largest Arts Festival Enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe, a true leisure and cultural experience

Visit Nessie in Loch Ness (Enjoy the mysterious silence of Loch Ness and keep an eye out for anything large in the waters)

Medieval ruin sites (Visit castles that were built in the medieval period, such as Stirling Castle and Fort Augustus)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Do you want to go to a place that is exotic and stunning? A city that is stunning? Go the border to Dubrovnik, Croatia for some of the most romantic adventures in Europe.

Things to do In Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik Cable Car (a truly breathtaking and thrilling experience, travel over cities and hills)

Banje Beach (if you’re tired of walking around Croatia and want to relax, then it’s time to enjoy some beach time at one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia)

There is an island called the Island located in Lokrum (take ferry or kayak to Lokrum for diving; take a trip to Fort Royal Castle or check out a monastery from the 11th century.

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